Friday, September 07, 2007


Some things that I'm thinking about right now
1.I was looking back this morning and I have been consistent with my quiet time since the end of July. Yes, I miss a day or two but I'm right where I need to be. I have the want to do quiet time not "I gotta do this" type feeling. No guilt even if I miss a day.
2. Julie mentioned on her blog where she was when Hurricane Katrina hit. For me it was my 30th birthday, I love a good storm but I was in know way prepared for the devastation that was hitting New Orleans. For days I was glued to the tv.
3. I would like to get some new dishes- you know, not handme downs .The fact that my "style" has changed and I want something that I have always looked for. Well OUR sights have settled on Fiestaware. Ever since I saw it at the owners of Buffalo Exchange home I have liked it but wanted brighter colors. Well the time has come. On Monday we went looking for dishes and found THE ones at Macy's. Now ususally seeing something that I want and can't have puts me in a mini depression. But this time around I have been okay with not being able to buy. I dream, I plan but I'm sincerely okay with not being able to get every piece right now. Yes I know it's expensive but it's the ONE.
I'm wondering why I haven't gotten upset. Is it my faith? Is it realism?
Serious people. I don't got to the mall if I have no money cause I see things I would like to buy and I can't. I haven't walked into a scrapbook store for this reason but I'm okay.
Maybe scrapbook shopping shouldn't count because I'm going to PHX for CKC next Friday.
4. Rob and I were talking the other day and we both wonder why when good people have good intentions that they can't be blessed with the opportunity to fulfill those intentions. make any sense? We would love to be able to help more people with joy in our hearts than not being able to help because if we do we might not be able to pay a bill. make more sense? thinking about this alot lately.
5. How in even small circumstances how truly blessed and lucky we are.

So this is what is rambling around in my brain right now. That and the yard sale tomorrow morning.
I'll try to be a better blogger. I want this to go a bit deeper and not all fluff.
Hugs C


ma said...

Good morning Daughter,

I have to admit that I do not always do my quiet time, sometimes when I'm in a hurry, while I am driving I will have a conversation with God. Sometimes he answers sometimes not, but I'm trying to improve my listening skills, both with my walk with God and in my everyday life, and you will laugh at that I'm sure. No I do not always remember dates-(ex. Kelly's date to have money in for books) so I'm not perfect, and sometimes I like rattling chains--like on Sunday at lunch when I looked over to Rob and said "well, do you want to take my truck" the look he gave me was too funny.

There is room for much improvement, so I will keep on working on these things and will try better at communication, yes I dropped the ball-but we can't be perfect all of the time !!

May all of you that are perfect have a wonderful day, and please stop once in awhile to just enjoy that moment of peace and contentment.

With much love to all


Julie Glass said...

Hey Carrie!

Larry loves Fiesta Ware also...he has a "set" of 4 different colors from his bachelor days...I think we are going to settle on just one (maybe 2) colors for the new house. What color do you like?