Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm singing in the rain

Oh yeah you know I'm in heaven. This is a beautiful day. Dark gray skies, a steady rain. Oh am I in heaven. The house is all opened up and the fans are on low to keep everything nice and cool. I'm wearing jeans and sneakers and I'm loving it. Give me a couple of days of this and all will be right in the world :)
I love rainy days.
smile, smile, smile


Julie Glass said...

Hi Carrie! I actually thought of you yesterday morning as I was driving to work in the POURING rain and I know how much you like rainy days!!! Sorry I had to get off the phone the other night..Hayley was waiting in the parking lot with Trevor.and it was starting to pour rain there too!! Yesterday was a crazy day, and I didn't get a chance to call anybody..and today I have to spend my lunch going to the DENTIST..yuck.

ma said...

I always smile on these days --knowing that my daughter is just savoring these moments