Thursday, September 20, 2007

shh..quiet me hunting wabbits

no not really just staying off the computer.

I have been working on getting my scrap room cleaned up so I can actually take a picture.

Plus I have a certain young lady that is driving us insane about a special day next week. Oy vey!!

So besides finishing up cleaning I have been doing some courier work for my friend Karen and getting paid some big bucks on that. Soooo I have been extremely lax in the ol' blog department.

Mom and I had a great time in PHX on Friday and even though I got lost(kinda) twice we still made it home before 8pm. That's going to the convention, 3 scrapbook stores and IKEA.

Oh and yes I love my new bookshelf. That room looks so different and lighter than before.

Now if I could just make the stuff I don't want to deal with disappear that would be awesome.
So here is a little something to blackmail Wyatt with when he gets older. The boy is wearing butterfly wings and playing with his trains.
Yup that's my kid alright. In touch with his feminine side.
I'll be working on Kelly's 5 year pictures this weekend so maybe I'll show you a few.
Off to continue the cleaning.


ma said...

Alright daughter, you quiet those wabbits, but there are some of us out here that look forward to your blog and I'm glad you finally got around to it. Ok enough bellyaching!
I want to back you up on the time we had--it was double for me, because you see, not many moms and daughters hang out like that--and I happen to like it. I had fun and you were right IKEA is way to cool and you can even rub my nose in it--for all of you out there--I thought that IKEA would have nothing I would care about YEA RIGHT !!! even though it was a fast trip through I'm ready to go back, they have are some really cool things, so heads up Carrie.


ma said...

Good Monday Morning,

What a wonderful day yesterday was, we had Kelly's party and I think it went great. But I'll let Carrie tell ya'll about that.

A wonderful time


Julie Glass said...

I love IKEA and need to take a trip very soon....but I don't have a truck...hmmmmm....who do I know that has a truck???/

ma said...

Hey Julie,

Would like to plan on going back up--wonder if us girls could plan a day to go to IKEA--and I do know someone with a truck--haha