Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I am trying to post a more recent picture of myself and the stinky old blogger won't have it. This can be so frustrating.
I can't believe I haven't posted since last thursday. yikes. Sorry.
Does anyone know if the new scrapstore is open on River?? I'm jones'en for a scrap shopping fix.
Really, as of right now I have nothing interesting to say.
I didn't get any shots of Kelly. The scrap class that was on last Sunday, the person didn't show up. I'm STILL trying to clean the scraproom.
I have decided that I need a night out to scrapbook. Rob has gone out with the guys several times this last month and I've been home. I want a night out with anyone who wants to join me to scrap.
I'm very boring today so I'm gonna sign off.

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ma said...

Ma here,

Stopped by the scrapbook store and NO its not open, and I probably freaked a couple of people out with the way I was acting. First off, part of the windows are covered in white paper, so I tried to look under, then I opened up the truck door and stood to see if I could see "over" they are working on it, and maybe - no next week I'll stop by again and knock on the door and see if I can get some answers--sounds like a plan to me.

Love to all