Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Friday

Today has been a fun day so far and we didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

The kids and I went to the store, then picked up the new tires for the landscape trailer. Then we came home and I made pancakes for lunch (hey, they asked for them). I have played email tag with my buddy Julie, that was fun. Went outside to try and take some pictures of Kellys hair and now I'm blogging before I go prep for scrapbooking tonight.

Thought I would try and show a few pictures. Boy I really need to practice. Of course when your child is flying around on her scooter it gets kinda hard.
We plan to go to Agua Linda Farm this Sunday for their Pumpkin Festival. Hope it is lots of fun for the kids. I'll have pictures on Monday!
Otherwise be safe and have a great weekend.

1 comment:

ma said...

It looks like Kelly is having alot of fun dodging mom trying to get her picture, and I love her hair.