Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Wednesday.
I have much to be thankful for.
My friend Julie is doing well in her surgery recovery. Very happy for that.
My freezer did not go caput on me. Boy did I do some heavy praying for that one. So thankful.
My mom finally got a new porch put on her house. So now it is safe to actually step outside her door. Those steps were treacherous.
I got to scrapbook yesterday and completed two layouts. I have since then continued to go through my scrap crap and found seven more layouts that need to be put away or fixed so that they could be put away.
I also found several layout in various states of doneness and I am putting them in an evelope for me to finish up at the Scrap social this Friday.
So I have a stack of magazines to go through and cut up for ideas and I think I'm going to ask Rob to put his drums back up because, 1. It's been a month since I got my shelf and most of the room is ready 2. If he doesn't I'm gonna end up using the WHOLE room 3. Rob needs to practice 4. It will make me finish the room so that I can get to my stuff.

So on Monday night Rob, the kids and I head back to the school playground to play frisbee and lets the kids play. I brought my camera to get more shots in the great sunset light. So I whip out the camera to get this cool picture of Kelly and guess what??? I have no memory card!! I took it out to upload on Saturday and forgot to put it back in. What a waste. I was hoping to get some good shots of just Rob or Rob and the kids. Better luck next time.
So sorry no new pictures.
I'm off to finish laundry

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ma said...


Its Friday--yeehaw, I so look forward to fridays. Well for all of you Mikey and Amanda have rented a really nice house, on the east side and Mikey will be moving in sometime after November 1st. While I know that this is the natural order of things--I'm going to miss him. These last couple of years has given me a chance to get to reknow my boy, and its been great. But now its time for him to move on, there will be definite tears when he goes.

Amanda gets her ring back from the jewelers today and she's coming out here for dinner. And then onto the weekend, which starts with a birthday party for Inez (Rob's mom), then on Sunday we are all off to a farm where the kids get to pick out pumpkins, find their way through the corn maze and go on hay rides, sounds like a great weekend to me.

To all, have a wonderful safe weekend, know that your in our thoughts and prayers.