Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thoughts and Prayers

As I was sitting here for my quiet time I suddenly felt overwhelmed by all the people I am praying for. After calming my mind down, I asked the Lord to hear my heart and to lift up all the people that are running through my mind.
Especially today.
Today my friend Julie is having weight loss surgery. I will admit I am a little nervous. I also feel bad because she called yesterday and I didn't get a chance to call her back. I'm sorry Julie. I hope you are doing good. Please call me when you feel up to it.
I sometimes wish I had the healing hand kind of power. That people I prayer for or lay my hands on would be healed or given the wisdom they need. Yes I know that is reserved only for Jesus and God but just sometimes I wish I could do that also.
I feel like I am stumbling a bit right now. I know that back in July God told me to quit working** and he would provide. Which he has done every month. Last month the van was deemed unsafe to drive so it now sits. This morning I went to pick up some meat at Sunflower market. When I went to put it in our freezer I noticed that the door hadn't shut from the day before. Now I'm afraid the compressor is shot and that would cost hundreds to replace. I have been praying and asking for forgiveness all morning because it is my fault, and we can't afford to get it fixed if something is wrong. After talking to Rob, I put a cup of water in the freezer and we will check it tonight. Then I will know wether to be worried or not.
The reason I go into this is because I sometimes feel this is a test to my faith. That I must look at the bigger picture and know it will all work out. Sometimes that seems kind of hard but I believe that my faith is strong.

** I just found out that Tres Amigos is closing all of it's Phx stores by the end of this month and that sales in Tucson are really slow. So I know it was the right choice for myself to leave. :) And here is an example of the bigger picture.
In love,Carrie

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ma said...


Have faith,baby and everything has a way of working out, maybe not to our satisfaction/or the way we would like it, but it does work out in the end. I myself struggle with this all the time, as I would imagine a lot of people do.

Keep strong