Monday, October 01, 2007

Well howdy there strangers!

Lots have been going on around the Ross house.
A week ago we had miss Kelly's 5th birthday party, then just the four of us on Wednesday with the leftover cupcakes and ice cream. We had one day with no internet because Rob was having issues hooking up the wireless. I actually worked a couple of afternoons for my friend Karen doing more courier work. Hopefully I'll get paid this week for that. Friday I got really sick with my asthma and ended up at the doctors to get my very first breathing treatment.

So now I'm back. Granted for the next few days I have some extra company. Kenny and Chloe are two kids from church that my kids have classes with. Their mom and dad are in Rocky Point Mexico till Wednesday so I'm learning to have and juggle 4 children. It's not that bad so far the kids are all pretty much getting along. (keep fingers and toes crossed) I really want things to go smoothly and everyone have a good time.
So here are a few shots of Kelly's party.
Just a reminder for myself that Kelly cheated at pin the tail on the donkey. Yes she had her eyes covered but she could see from underneath.
Loved having the cupcakes, so much easier for everybody.
This was also the best and fastest party we have ever had. The party started at 2:30 and parents were picking up their kids at 4. Well we really didn't get started till 3 and we ran through everything but that was fine cause we kept the kids' interest.
The kids I think had a great time. Lots of goodies from the pinata and then the cowboy hats and the little star gift bags. I talked to the twins' mother and she says that Kelly's party is all her girls will talk about. This makes me happy that they had a great time.
So for posterity, or whenever I get around to scrapbooking it the guest and family list included: mom, dad and wyatt, nina, uncle mikey, aunt amanda, clayton and donovan, grandpa frank, hope gainey, faith and graham, Abby and Elle from school, david and vera beil and samuel and jaden.
Grandmom Ross came the night before and brought your gifts cause she had to work the next day.
All the kids were fantastic, nobody cried and barely fussed or whined.
**I might edit to add to this later, not sure


Julie Glass said...

I am so glad you updated....I'm sure all the rabbits must have been hunted by now!! I actually went out to the bank a few minutes ago, and saw it was about to rain..and thought.."Hey..Carrie will love this..maybe she'll update her blog!!!!!!!!"

It was great talking to you this weekend..hope the new scrapbook store opens soon! :)

ma said...

Good morning and welcome back....
Daughter, I so look forward to reading these..
Now, onto the party...great time, the kids were kept busy, between the games and playing. Kelly was a wonderful Hostess(it was so cute).It was really nice--oh, did I say that already. Koodow's to you-this was the best!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEHHAWWWW I'm off into the sunset