Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hdey ho everyone.
hope you are all doing fine. Me i'm still laid up with a bad back. Yesterday Rob stayed home to help take care of the kiddos cause i could barely walk from our bed to the bathroom. We started doing the hot-n-cold compresses and more muscle relaxers to help me along. I must say that I'm no longer crying everytime i have to get up. Today is such a huge difference from yesterday.
Today I can sit up for short intervals and i can get out of bed with little discomfort.
my mil has the kids today until Rob gets home from work. We set me up before rob left this morning qnd put the laptop in our room. i was hoping to put the portable dvd player in here too but i think i left one of the cords in the van last time i used it. so no movies. I have been surfing 2peas and rereading Janet evanovich's stephanie plum series 12 sharp. occasionally i take a break and cruise the new issue of creating keepsakes(not all inspiring)
Almost done with one of the christmas gifts i am making, or would have been done if my back wouldn't have fritzed out on me.
I am bored on my butt and just laying around. I know tomorrow i will be doing well enough to take Kelly to school but today is not good for much.
well i better go my back is starting to ache and i need to switch positions again.
have a good one

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ma said...

Good evening,

Glad to hear that your feeling a little better--but be careful that when you feel better, you don't overdue it and rehurt yourself.

It was so nice today, when I got home from work I went out and worked on the yard, did laundry, did my favorite thing--shopping via the net. So now I'm off to do some work--yep it never ends!!!!

Love to all