Friday, November 16, 2007

Recap of Conferences- Kelly is doing well all around but we need to work out a few areas like she cannot answer questions when called upon, she willgo off topic. Kelly basically doesn't talk much. Very shy. So shy that it is hindering her education.

So after talking with her teacher we are looking into getting some special services for her. Mostly just language and comprehension. I'm not sure what those will all entail but we should be having meetings in the next couple of months. The only area that had a NI for needs improvement was Displays Confidence (self-esteem).

It was kinda cute that they actually give out grades.

A= has a handle on the subject

B= work in progress

C= just learning concept or struggling

Kelly had 2 C's in Grammer- She talks about herself in the 3rd person and Science- no comment.

There were 3 A's- Spelling, Social Studies (that's my girl!) and Phys Ed

Then we have 5 B's or B+'s- Math, composition, penmanship, reading, spanish

Also Last night was Kelly's first Girl Scout meeting!! Mrs. Watt her teacher agrees that this might help Kelly abit. So we are starting Daisy's. Kinda excited and the troop leaders are looking for ideas that these girls can do.

So maybe I'll do a little research and talk to a friend of ours from church who does scouts also.

So that is all for now. Sorry no new pictures. I'll be doing that tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.Carrie


Anonymous said...

So question ? where did you get this gorgous picture ?

Onto Kelly, she is so shy, until she feels comfortable, today at the birthday party, she spoke right up " Nina needs a piece of cake" and she even offered to go get it for me, I hope they can help her, I would drather we get this started now then to wait, when the damage could be compounded.

To all, I hope your weekend is going as well as mine. May you have calm days with blue skies.

Love to all


ma said...

Well,since Carrie has not updated her blog, I will hope you all see this HAPPY THANKSGIVING

may you all have a wonderful day filled with family and love.