Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm alive!!

Today is a good day. no morning sickness and I have some energy. not that taking a nap wouldn't be nice real soon, I have things that NEED to be done today.
You have morning sickness?, you say
Why YES I do, I'm seven weeks pregnant!
(I will try not to do all that 7 wks, 3 days thing, who cares)
Things are going well for the baby, we say his/her heartbeat and it's little sack but that's about it. I'm still having trouble with my morning sugars. I started out last week on 10 units of NPH and now I'm starting 24 units tonight. No change in my morning sugar levels at all. Which in some ways freaks me out because with the baby developing I need to have lower blood sugars during the night and morning before breakfast to not cause any problems with baby.
On to brighter news. I'm going to do my best to NOT find out the sex of the baby. I have one of each and I could use a surprise. Now lets see if I hold out till the end. It also means that I need to hunt down both baby girl and boy clothes to be cleaned again.
Knowing this is going to be my last makes it hard for me to decide which gender I would like. I still want two of each and was kinda secretly hoping for twins but I think I will just focus on having a healthy baby. God will choose what he thinks is best for me and our family.
Starting to work with the kids about a baby growing in Mommys tummy. I know it's kind of early but I don't want any resentment and I would like to get the kids excited about a new brother or sister. Kelly said she would like a sister. Wyatt doesn't get it yet. I think Wyatt will be more excited when he can feel the baby kick and move.
Alright enough baby talk. (I can't believe I'm having baby talk)
Christmas is fast approaching and I'm not ready. I still have lots to do but I must say I'm glad we are not having Christmas at our house this year. This house is a complete disaster and I'm going to start working on that today.
So I have to go pay the bills and get busy and maybe sneak in a small nap.
As long as I'm feeling good I will try to be a better blogger.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm feeling great today!!

woke up this morning with very little back pain and almost none of the yucky feeling I've had for the last few days.

I have cleaned the floors, done a load of laundry, finished 1 Christmas present and have started the second, straightened up the living room and kitchen. I have just gone through all my favorite blogs and am now up to date. And it's only 10.30am! Whoo hoo me!

Now if I could just find where oh where I left my glasses it would be almost perfect.
My little man in his Thomas pj's saying, "Can I see picture of Wyatt?" Trying to get him to understand I have to take a picture first before he can look at it.
So for all of you, have a great day~C

Something for me to note:

For the last year I have been following two blogs, one is . This woman Julie had stage 4 inoperable melanoma and passed away on 11/24. Her family was a big inspiration for me as I dealt with Kim having cancer and wanting Kim to fight and look into options for treatment and to beat the cancer. This is not as eloquent as I would like to say. The strength and support this family has was/is fantastic and I was impressed by Julie's fight to beat the cancer.
the next blog is Carey is a scrapbooker that I really admired her style. So when I learned she was pregnant I was very excited for her. Unfortunately she lost her son at 22 weeks shortly after giving birth. Prayers started full force when I found out she was pregnant again this last march and this time it was with twins (natural conception). Well this morning when I woke up I told Rob that I needed to check my blogs because this lady was due, and sure enough she is being induced today. more prayers for a safe and healthy delivery.