Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Post Valentines day.

I am slowly getting better and last night our little family went for sushi at our local Oishi sushi. Come to find out that Kelly will eat nigiri. All nigiri is is fish and rice. So we ordered tuna, shrimp and salmon and Kelly of course took both pieces of shrimp and then she tried the salmon. Now being the smart parents that we think we are, we did NOT tell her what type of fish she was eating. Kelly even tried the masago (orange fish eggs) on top of a couple of our sushi rolls.
I should say she licked the top of the roll clean and then handed it to me to eat.
Now Wyatt, no way would he even touch anything sushi type on our plate. Wyatt was perfectly content to eat his "spaghetti noodles", we ordered the kids chicken yakisoba noodles for their dinner.
So V-day was nice, nothing outrageously special and of course today is even much better with the rain and the fact that all of our tax return is here. Yee Haw! I have reordered all of my scrapping magazines, a couple of photography mags and a paper crafts magazine. We have paid off the medical bills, the one credit card we have and the rest will go to food and finish remodeling our bathroom. Yowza.
I sincerely hope we can stay on track cause next year we want to get a new tv and laptop.
Today is going to be a nice day. I hope your day will be great too.
Love C

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Anonymous said...

Hi daughter,

I am so very glad to see you getting back to normal, its been strange with all of you sick, and of course istay away because I can't afford to get sick...sorry !! Nina has missed her family !!

Received an e-mail from Trish, glad to see it, she had shut us out and that bothered me, of course her father partially blames us for Brian's death, I can't change what has happened, but I never wished him any bad. I'm so very sorry for their loss.

Have been working very hard this last an A on my exam with another due on Tuesday, so I'll be really studing this weekend.

Hope all is well with everyone who sees this...Kris we are going to miss you this week. I'm sorry you can't be here! It would have been great to get you all together.

Love to all