Monday, February 11, 2008

Sickness round #2
This past week Wyatt and I both got sick. Although Wyatt is doing WAY better than myself. I have a nasty cold and not much of a voice that is seriously kicking my butt. And before you joke that Rob must be thrilled about my voice, think again, it's driving him nuts not understanding me.
I agreed a couple of weeks ago to watch a friends two kids today and oh my, I am whipped and it's only 11am. I really want to curl up and take a nap but that is not even remotely possible. I believe I will be heading to bed very early this evening.

It occured to me that my Dad will be here next Monday and Mikey's wedding is next Friday. Seriously?? I don't have a few more weeks to go?? Next week? Gulp..... Oy......deep breath... I'm fairly ready..... I need to get my mega brow tamed and buy some new makeup, buy Wyatt new dress shoes. Kelly is ready to go. Of course we both(kelly and I) need to get our hair done that night but.... it just seems to fast sometimes.
I will admit I can't wait for it to be all over. Thankfully I shouldn't have to worry about another wedding until Kelly or Wyatt gets married, unless of course that one man shows up and will sweep my stubborn mother off her feet. I would sincerely love for that to happen. **I know you'll fight me on this Mom but I believe it's true.

Sorry no pictures today, I haven't uploaded the bridal shower shots from Saturday yet. Hey I'm sick.... your lucky I took a shower this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning daughter,

Its about four am, and it's raining..and I know how you love that. With our shoes in and my new "do" all that needs to be done is to get my nails done next Friday. I am so stoked about this wedding..I'm looking forward to meeting the family and just enjoying myself.

And about that man to sweep me off my feet...well my dear, they don't make those type of guys anymore. So, I'll stay here and be content with my Gerdie (for those of you who don't know Gerdie is my english bulldog)

Enjoy the day...and get better

Love to all