Thursday, March 13, 2008

What I've learned today;

If your child shoves disolvable candy(this instance Nerds) up his nose, just wait it out or try to make him sneeze, which he did halfway to the doctors office. If he shoves say a bead up there use Afrin spray and that should relax the nose to where the bead should fall out or be easier to get.

I also learned that Wyatt has a cold.

All for the good price of $20.

Gotta love 3 year old boys, they sure do keep you on your toes.


Julie G. said...

memo to Kelly and Wyatt: PLEASE stop growing so fast!!!!! That is a beautiful picture, but geez..they are getting so big, so fast!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a very cute picture of the kids and your dad! They look just like you!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I love this picture, I had been bugging Carrie to make sure that she got a picture with the gandkids and their grandpa...its great...this is one for the books.