Friday, May 23, 2008

Ode to Epson

I have a not so secret love. Unfortuantely this love cannot always be consumated, this week I finally got a taste that has me yearning for more.
I had a sweet project to do for Kelly's kindy class and this baby was the star of the show. Ladies and gents I give you....... The Epson Picturemate Dash.
Isn't she cute??
I am a big Epson fan but unfortunately I can't always afford Epson, so I go without. I would have loved to have gotten the Picturemate Zoom but I couldn't find one in town and I didn't have the $200+ at that second, so I bought the next best thing.
I most say I'm in love. The quality is great and most of you know what a print snob I am. When I was printing out the photos for Kelly's class I got so many ooohhhs and aahhhs that it just made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. Great quality prints and I can print them right now and not wait 1 hour plus for prints or ordering off the net. hehehehe!! I feel like it's christmas!!
Scrapbook layouts look more interesting to me now that I have more printing options. I'm almost stumped with all the cool stuff that is roaming around my brain.
My next Epson buy I would love to have is the R1900 or R2400. Both of these are top quality wide format printers (about $500+) this is great for the photos that I want to print and put on my walls and for the scrapbook pages where I can print right on the 12x12 cardstock.
My other Epson that is on my wish list ( I actually do have a wish list) is a v-something flatbed scanner ($130ish) this I would like to have so that I can scan old photos of my family for scrapbooking and to scan the kids artwork to put on scrap pages.
So on my wish list of 8 things I can now mark off two.
Carrie's Wish list
Canon 24-70L lens $1100
Epson 2400 printer $600
Epson picturemate dash $130 gotcha baby
Epson scanner $130
13'' tv/dvd for scraproom $100 maybe for christmas, on sale??
print out all photos $500 almost done
a cell phone ??? as of last night on the way
a laptop computer ???
typing this list out for posterity in case I lose the hard copy

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Anonymous said...

Hey daughter,

Glad to see that you are enjoying yourself so much. By the way I love my Epson printer, but whoa is me it's only an R220, not up to your standards, but it works great for what I need it to do.

Love the pictures, the kids are changing just sooo much, will have to put an anchor around them to slow them down.