Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post #200!!

Okay so last Friday I'm sitting in the house by myself when I hear a noise. It sounded like a tarp being snapped in the wind. No biggie, the wind was really blowing that day. So I look outside and i don't see anything. About 30 minutes later I go to check the mail and this is what I found. Please note the almost perfect semi circle. This is how they fell and lay. Well we were planning to have the tree trimmed when we get that stimulus check. Guess what got moved up to Saturday?? Yup. As I was taking this photo, this guy who had quoted Rob a price for trimming the tree shows up. So I have Rob call him and they make arrangements.
I will now leave it at that because the guy so pissed me off on Saturday that I was in tears and ready to beat him to a pulp. this is the tree before the trim and I haven't taken a recent picture (like you really care anyway) But imagine this tree with 4 palms sticking out of the top.

Mothers Day was very nice. I did pretty much nothing except to watch movies and read some new magazines. Of course the next day I had to do the dishes from Mothers day but that was fine.

Since my breakdown at the doctors office a cuple of weeks ago I have been swimming almost every day and I'm feeling much better. I'm not sure if I will swim today cause it's kinda chilly out and might rain but we will see. Tomorrow I go in for a sonogram so I hope to get some new pictures of baby. I'm trying to eat better and keep my sugars down. I just can't wait to have this little one and get somewhat back to normal.

So here is my BIL Chuck with mom Ross. This was one of the best shots taken and I'm thinking of getting it bigger to give to Mom. Of course Chuck would probably argue because he was tired, dirty and needed a shower. Looks good anyway.

So for those of you waiting to hear about LUBBOCK well........
the proposal went in yesterday and now it's a waiting game to see if the regional wants us to make some adjustments.We upped lots of stuff (salary) and made notes that this was just an estimate and subject to change due to gas prices and whatnot.
So everytime Rob calls my heart skips a beat. So the first part of waiting has begun. If the regional agrees then it goes to corporate and then round two of waiting begins. So I will keep you all posted.
Have a great day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey it was great having Chuck here for a few weeks, and I know Inez loved having him..even though she was tired from all the work, it's good having your son....

My heart goes out to her, and I know she shed some tears after he left, I remember whenever mom came to visit how very hard it was for me to say goodbye, and i remember one time specifically when I took her to the airport...I was standing at the window watching the plane load, just crying my heart out, and a lady standing near me offered me a piece of candy if I would stop crying because it was breaking her heart to watch me...I miss my mom