Thursday, May 15, 2008

So everything went well with my two appointments yesterday. My sugars are coming back under control and i haven't gained any weight, also almost all the pain I was having is gone. Thank you Jesus!! That was making me seriously miserable.
At the sono I got to see the baby's heart and the tech said that it looked fantastic. It was so cool to see all the chambers of the heart beating. The baby's stomach is still in the right size range (even with all my cheating) and the little bugger weighs about 2lb and 11oz and it +/- 15 inches long. I was a good girl and told the lady that I didn't know what I was having and didn't want to know. I can't say I'm not curious, but I'm liking the anticipation.
Kelly keeps telling people that she is having a baby sister and her name is Shellshe aka Chelsea. Now we have no idea where she got the name from but Rob said it should be a name that we consider. Ok, considering it.

Funny things kids say-
So both grandmas were over yesterday evening. Kelly and Wyatt are running around playing like banshee's. Kelly comes running into the living room saying that Wyatt is playing on her tv. huh??
It seems Wyatt is turning the tv off and on.
So I tell Kelly to tell Wyatt to stop and that we don't do that with the tv and he knows better.
Kelly then goes back to her room and says to Wyatt, "Stop you foul beast!"
We all look at each other and start laughing. I call Kelly back to the living room and ask her where she had heard that foul beast line before and she said from Hanzel and Gretel, a cartoon that G-mom Ross had at her house.
I'm just glad that this time it wasn't MY fault.

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Anonymous said...

Well, since I can't get Carrie to blog, I guess I'll do it myself.

Picked up the grandkids for the weekend and as we're coming out Valencia Kelly looks over to where there is a half built house...that has been that way since two weeks earlier and she says "Nina, humans are not doing their work" now, I ask you...what five year old refers to adults as "humans" Kids really and continue to say the weirdest things