Friday, May 02, 2008

wow! I didn't realize how longs it's been since I posted.

Life has been extremely busy and extremely not so busy. I think I held off posting at first because we had some news that I couldn't share until Rob and I had told our parents.

By now most of you know that there is a possibility that Rob might be transfered to Lubbock Texas. Rob came home from work one day and I was asleep on the couch, so instead of waking my up he hit the net and started house hunting. Once I was awake he told me about his regional asking him if he might be interested. So Rob looks at me and says."are you interested?". Not sure of anything at this point I said lets look it up, and of course Rob had already been looking things up.

After putting the kids to bed we kept doing research, I posted a question on 2peas for the lovely ladies that lived in that area to give us a heads up on stuff. Before we headed to bed that night Rob asked for what felt like the 100th time,"now how are you feeling about it?" Let it sink in dude!! I'm interested but nervous. Within the next few days Rob has a call with the regional who says to draw up a proposal showing how much it's going to cost to get us to move to Lubbock, plus whatever money/raise Rob is wanting, oh and to do it as cheap as possible.

Ummm... yeah I am not going to Uhaul it with a 2-3 month old infant. Not when his boss got a moving company to do all the work and he is married with an 11yr old. So I proceeded to do most of the legwork, for airline tickets(to house hunt) gas for two cars driving, food for 4 of us, hotel for 1 night. start up costs for gas,electric, water, garbage, yada, yada. Then I made Rob do the research for the moving company cost. Lets just say we are up to about $7000 total. So not sure if the company will go for it but with the cost of fuel it seems reasonable. Also we need a clause about what if our house doesn't sell??? Will the company buy it???

The cool thing about texas is that we can buy a house almost DOUBLE our size for less then what our house is worth and for the same if not less than what we are paying now. YEE HAWWWW!

So there is that update.

Headed over to Julie's house last Saturday for a girls scrapping night. I really enjoyed myself and we hope to get together even earlier in the day next time so that we can a) get more done b) spend more time together. It's nice to finally have a group of friends who understand what you are doing and enable you to buy the products that others have brought that you get to try out!! hehehehe (insert evil smiley)

So Robs oldest brother Chuck is in town till this coming Tuesday and when he goes back I will really miss having him here. the kids are just enthralled with him and have gotten to spend lots of time with him and grandmom. At first I wasn't sure if we were going to get along like we did last time he visited. Something about the way he talked and how he talked set my back up bad. So I just kinda sat back and listened to Rob, mom and Chuck talk. Then I said something that I finally realized how ALL the brothers sounded alike but it didn't bother me when Rob sounds arrogant,cause Rob says I know he is right(ass), and the words out of my mouth were to some effect that Chuck was an arrogant ass and reminded me of his brother Terry whom I can't stand. That I know that this is my problem and I'm tyring to work through it. Which I have. Yeah, not very eloquent and somewhat mean but boy was I getting pissy. So since that day everything has been great and we get along fine.

So that has been what's been up the last few weeks. The proposal will go in on Monday and then it's a waiting game. I'm twenty eight weeks along and somewhat miserable already but I have a sono scheduled on May 14th so hopefully baby is doing great. Sure is kicking an awful lot :)

Love Carrie


Anonymous said...

7K not enough!! Ask for 10K!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! We are getting ready to move again. I graduated!!!! I have an interview on Tuesday, wish me luck! I am glad that you finally posted, I called and got the machine, was getting worried...It's a long way to drive to check up on you! lol Plus I have no idea where exactly your house is. lol I hope you get what you want, and I hope to talk to you soon. Love ya, Kris

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you had finally posted, and so now we wait....I'll admit to having mixed feelings about all of this and I can't imagine not having you across town, and by the way...what will we do about the Cricket..Huh!!!! I laugh now, but well hell!!! Glad the girls enjoyed it and hope Julie does get to get one. I know you have been having a tough time lately, but it will get better, at least I hope so.


Love to all