Friday, June 13, 2008

Boy did I get a surprise on Saturday.

I had a meeting with my friend Kristina who runs the junior church program and she will be taking over the nursery program while I'm out. So I head over to her house at 4:30 kinda wondering why we are actually having this meeting but I'm getting out of the house so whatever. So Kristina answers the door and I walk in to everyone yelling SURPRISE!!!

Yes I got surprised with a baby shower!

I looked around and started yelling back at them "You Suck, I'm not ready"(I was actually thinking of how the photos were going to turn out for the scrapbook page. sick I know). Here I was, no makeup, in glasses, comfy t-shirt, hair not brushed, but at least I brushed my teeth before I left. Defintely not looking my best at all.

About 8 people showed up for a diaper and wipe shower, we had great Mexican food and had a great time lounging around the pool and having cake and ice cream. I received about 8 packages of size 1 diapers and 2 size 2's, a few containers of wipes and assorted gifts in between. Such a complete surprise but I was very appreciatve of everybody who was there.

There has been a lot going on this week. Starting on Sunday I began to have some contractions, about 10-15 minutes apart for two hours. Of course it was all my fault to begin with as at a dessert auction at church I started to jump up and down during the sale over a Mississippi Mud cake. Hey it's chocolate and really good. But otherwise no more contractions that I know of.

Had a doctors appointment on Wednesday. Dr. Gardner told me I'm to the point that if I go into labor that they wouldn't stop it. Okay, I'm sooo not ready. The crib is not made and the bag is not packed. I have also have been having lots of pain around my ribs and the doctor suggested that I get a belly band to help support my stomach, which has helped to some degree, but I can't sit up straight or walk very far without holding the top of my stomach to ease the pain.

Yesterday mom and I went up to IKEA and I bought the crib bedding and assorted items that I just had to have. I'll take a picture of the bed after I wash and get it put together. Tonight or tomorrow I'm going to wash the baby clothes and pack my bag. Tuesday I will turn 34weeks.

So today I have a sonogram which I'm bringing the kids to so that they can see baby and then this afternoon I will have my first NST or non stress test. This is where they monitor the baby's heartbeat and movement for about an hour. This I will have to do twice a week until delivery.
Okay if you look at the picture closely you will see I just took it while I was blogging. I will have Rob take a better picture later but this is just to give you an idea of how big I am right now. I'm off to the doctors Iwill see you later.


Anonymous said...

Girl! are you sure it's not TWINS?!? Just kidding. Glad everything is going well. You know I am now a nurse with a Michigan License!!!! YEAH! so if you need help, call me! I'll get there asap!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Have to tell you all that every time that I look at Carrie I have to laugh, she is sooo big and we still have a few weeks to go. Starting to get excited..she called me and was having contractions during the week...I told her Not to go into labor while we were in Phx. Had fun, just the two of us, don't get to do that very often so it was great.

Hey Kris....come on down...we would love to see you


Julie G. said...

Wow!! Are you sure you have until the end of July? We (Hayley and I) are in Wyoming right now.