Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just for posterity

Had the sonogram on Friday. The baby has the chubbiest cheeks, is head down and full of energy. The tech who did the sonogram said that the baby's stomach is measuring at 38 weeks (not good) that the head is at 35-36wks (fine) and that the legs are all on target at 34weeks, which is what I am today. The tech also said that give or take a pound the baby weighs about 6.5lbs. UUmmm... excuse me???
Because of how big this baby is I am now wearing very stylishly a 3 inch wide elastic band that is suppose to support my stomach and ease my pain. It has helped to a degree but when baby wants to kick some ribs I am in agony. The only way for the pain to subside is for me to lay on my left side to take the pressure off.
So I have been put on a very restricted diet to help the baby's tummy to even out some and I have started on my NST's. If they see any fetal or mommy distress I will be thrown in the hospital to be taken care of.
My c-section has been scheduled for Friday july 18th, but Dr. Gardner has pretty much assured me that I won't make it that far. The bets are coming in that it will be around the first week of July.
So that is my update for now. Can't sit up very long or the pain in my ribs gets to bad.
I sure could use a laptop about now.......:)
Love Carrie

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Anonymous said...

I feel so very sorry for you, this pregnancy has been kind of hard on you, and being your mom, it makes me wish that I could wave my magic wand and take your pain away.

Love you daughter, your time is almost up and then you'll have other things to worry about.

The kids are here with me..Wyatt came into my office and told me that he was sorry for bothering me, but could he watch Toy Story...we'll see. Since they got here he's been playing with his Cars (movie) collection of cars. But we now have to watch toy story...so I'm off to put it in.

To all..have a great weekend, stay cool

Love Nina