Wednesday, June 04, 2008

*waving frantically*** I'm here, I'm here!!

Believe me I have had plenty to talk about lately but I've been busy and tired.
Today I said to myself that I NEED to get this done. So let's back track a little shall we??
This is our first week off from school. Yeah !! I spent the last two days of kindergarten with Kelly in her class doing a special project for the moms and dads. I made the sign with my cricut and I took pictures of all her classmates and then printed out the pictures on my new printer (I'll ode later) and put them into cards for all the kids to decorate. They were a big hit.

The next day we; Wyatt, me, daddy and grandmom all had lunch with Kelly and her class. Kelly was so sweet, she took Wyatt around and introduced him to all her friends like Jaydn (pictured here)

K-Jaydn, this is my brother Wyatt
J- I know Kelly I met him before

This is how Kelly look when she was introducing Wyatt, arm around him the whole time, so cute.

I also got pictures of Kelly with Mrs. Watt and with Ms. Kathryn (my favorite)

So after hanging out and saying lots of goodbyes, see ya next year, we took our soon to be first grader home.

So there is that recap. So far this week we have gone swimming once, twice including today, watched movies, played outside and trying to keep busy. I'm planning on making cookies, going to build a bear, arts and crafts, music and dancing. Kelly can sing most of Queens- We Are the Champions. So cool to see some of the changes that she is making. Oh and yeah we need to work on reading.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Ok, Ok, I have to say is our cricket, I know I never get a chance to play, but dag nabit, I want to, hence the wanting to scrapbook with you on some Thursdays. Carrie I know we have the joke about sharing custody of the cricket if you move,so maybe I'll have to hold the cricket as hostage to keep you here. HAHAHA can you just see the headlines.....

Onto another subject, the absolute love we have for these kids,I see these pictures and I want to laugh and cry at the same time,our kids are growing up, enjoy them while they will let you and love them to distraction, even when they drive you out of your mind.


Anonymous said...

Kelly is such the big sister, she reminds me of Carrie when she was little..of course it was "ok" for her to torture her brother, but don't let anyone else do it.

Kelly "bug" I love just keep being the big sister and take good care of your little brother.

And Wyatt, my "little man" you take good care of sissy..she may pick on you sometimes, but she loves you very much, you are in her heart. Love you Wyatt.