Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So this is what Mr. Cricut did for Wyatt's birthday. I made the sign and all the character heads. I also noticed that this is one of those photos that you look back at when your older and see how you really lived. You know, clothes hanging outside, messy end table, dad's patchwork blanket made by grandmom Ross.
Now on to the party.
If I would have known how animated Wyatt was going to get I would have had the video camera going also. Case in point: he opens up the card from Uncle Chuck and Aunt JoAnn, he spys the $20 and starts yelling "Oh my goodness, Money, yeah!!" Waving his arm around madly. He tore into his gifts with gusto and was so excited about everything but the clothes(typical). He danced and jumped up and down. Wyatt had us all laughing at his antics.

He was very happy with his gifts and I think all the kids had a good time .
Still trying to get his 4yr pictures done but the opportunity hasn't presented itself yet.
Also with turning 4 we had to have our yearly check up from the doctor.
Now I was dreading this because even up till recently getting Wyatt to do some things was like trying to herd a mule. Thankfully the nurse was fantastic and turned it into a game. Wyatt did everything he was asked to do; he peed in a cup, did the hearing test, got weighed and measured, and did the eye exam and got his blood pressure taken.
What Wyatt wasn't aware of is the fact that he was about to get 5 shots. I had it previously arranged for Rob to be there because I knew that I alone would not be able to hold Wyatt still to get his shots. Even with the two of us it was very hard. Afterward he kept saying in the sweetest tear filled voice, "That hurt" When we were walking out he followed his nurse that gave the shots and kept telling her, "that hurt, that really hurt". For his pain he received two suckers, and a hug from the nurse, when he came home he got to watch a movie of his choice and we are going to have pepperoni pizza for lunch. On the way home he informed me that he doesn't like going to the doctor.
Now Chelsea also had an appointment this morning and was checked over but she won't be getting shots until next month. Chelsea is doing very well but is still very gassy and like to fluff her diaper on a constant basis. She is still very much a noise maker and is content to sleep on my chest. Burping her seems to take forever and by this photo you can tell she is tired of waiting for it to happen also.

I am also still trying to get her one month photo. I worked on it yesterday but didn't like the results so I might try this afternoon and use the northern light from Wyatt and Chelsea bedroom. This room give good catchlights and is nice and bright.
Since I've talked about my youngest two can't forget my oldest.
Kelly is still living. (that was a joke) Still as grouchy and bratty as she has been. We are still working on attitude and getting ready for back to school. Hopefully we will be seeing a more positive change in her soon. I would love to see a happier and nicer Kelly again. She just needs to learn that she can't always have her way and that she is not always in charge.

What, that's the end??
Say it ain't so?

Yep for today. Pizza just got here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

I have to add to Carrie's comments about Wyatt, I have never seen him so animated, he just shook with excitement and this is from a little boy who never seemed interested in opening presents. I laughed it was just so fun watching him. Our little guy is growing up and learning how much fun getting presents can be.

It was great having the family all together, that doesn't happen very often anymore.

So next...is Carrie's birthday on August 29th...can't wait to see if she can outdo Wyatt in the excitement department...hey Carrie, are you up to a challenge!!!

You all have a good week, be safe

Ma (aka..Nina...Yvonne)