Monday, August 04, 2008

Kelly lost her first tooth this morning!!

We were checking out the wiggle factor last night and noticed that it was very close to coming out.

So the "plan" this morning was to go outside and take a picture of her "full" smile. Well you know what they say about best laid plans..... I was getting dressed when Kelly came into my bedroom all excited to show me her tooth and her new smile.
Wiggly tooth #2 should be falling out very soon.
My baby is growing up, first her tooth and next week, 1st grade.

** Tooth #2 just fell out!! In the same day!! Here is Kelly's NEW smile


Anonymous said...

Bug, I love your new look so cute,and you know what, the tooth fairy stopped by on her way out of town to let me know that she owed you some money, soooo she gave it to me, in an envelope and I will be bringing it over today. Love you Bug


Julie G. said...

I love the toothless smiles of first graders!! So cute!!