Thursday, August 14, 2008

This photo made the news last night at 10pm on KGUN9!!

It was my second time attempting to get lightning and some of my previous attempts came out blurry. It actually is lots of fun trying to do this because you can only keep your shutter open for a few seconds. I missed a couple of awesome shots cause I was fiddling with the camera.
One of these Rob likes so much he wants me to have it framed. I'm now kinda hoping that we get another storm tonight. Granted we barely got any rain but the light show was spectacular!!
Maybe if I have enough warning I can head for a field and get some that look like they hit the ground.

All of these were taken from my driveway looking north toward town and the mountains.
Not bad with the kit lens and no post processing.
Anyway tomorrow we are finally going to take the kids to see Kung Fu Panda. Mike has been quoting parts of the movie and driving Rob crazy so when he gets off work tomorrow we're all going to see it.
Love Carrie


Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie, I see such an improvement and confidence in your photo's, you just keep improving. Personally I really like all of these and Rob is right about these making good pictures for your livingroom.
Love you daughter


Anonymous said...

those pics are awesome! I would frame them too!