Friday, September 26, 2008

So this is what Kelly and Wyatt did this afternoon. Both were soaked to the skin but loved every minute of it. I think it rained for a good half hour.

Would you like to see my creativeness this week. Now to you they may look like I just laminated pooh characters. Oh contrare, First you cut out a black base, so you know where to put everything. Then you have to cut out each individual color that makes up each character and then gluing it all down. Very time consuming but I did my best to make them look as correct in color as possible.

I told Rob there was a reason why I bought so many packs of papers. I also made the Pooh cake this afternoon but I'll take photos of that tomorrow.

So my baby girl is 6 so I thought I would have her answer 6 questions about herself

Now picture Kelly standing in front of you twisting back and forth with a cheesy smile on her face:
1. What is your favorite color?
purple (usually it is blue)
2. Favorite movie/t.v. show
Piglets Big Movie
3. Favorite Disney Character
4. Favorite food
5. Favorite Animal
6. What is 4+2
6 :)
Happy Birthday Kell bell

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