Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My all about me album. I wanted to use bright colors so I primarily stuck with the KI Memories Pop Culture and Bloom lines. The little tabs are by a company called Urban Lily and the line is called Happy. I couldn't find any paper that matched so I found one that I liked . Now the pages are in order but I completed all the tab/token questions that they asked. If you like you should be able to click on each picture and see it bigger

Now on Saturday I went on my first Artist date. This is where I get to be by myself and do whatever I want for about 2 hours.
I chose to go to a local nursery called Mesquite Valley Growers. The people there were so nice and welcomed me to take pictures. Of course I also bought a beautiful mum and pot that called to me. I was very happy with the way some of the shots turned out and I plan on framing some for our living room.

I noticed that some of my favorites were in the purple range. I told Rob they would look good in a bathroom. He said as long as it wasn't ours, as opposed to the guest bathroom, he was fine with it.
The photo with the bouganvilla (sp?) is now our new screen saver, that Rob picked out. I'm really wanting to go back and do this again.
On the way there all these negative thoughts started to run through my head and once I got going it was so freeing and I was very happy.
Heck, after I got home and uploaded I wanted to drive back and take more shots.

So last night was Kelly's first night with her new Daisy troop. It was rough getting started but by the end she liked everything and this morning keeps asking me her troop leaders name so she can tell her teacher and classmates. I really hope this is something she can grow from and enjoy.
Rob said that Wyatt was asking about Boy scouts and how he was going to join them.
One thing that surprised me was that parents didn't have to stay. Well this being Kelly's first time she was trying to cling to me and I was trying to shove her forward.
When we first got there they did the opening ceremony. This is the color guard bringing out the flag to doing the pledge of allegience and then the girls scout promise. By the end of the ceremony Kelly was rubbing away tears. I think she was very overwhelmed because she didn't know anyone and she is surrounded by twenty plus girls (both juniors and daisy's were together). By the closing ceremony, retiring of the color guard and flag, saying the promise again and then a freindship song, Kelly was doing much better. So we will see next time. I already told the leaders I would hang in the back until Kelly was completely comfortable and then I would just start dropping her off and let her grow on her own.
So I'm off. I'm pumped to go be creative and want to get things done.
Love C


Anonymous said...

Good morning daughter...and congratulations!

I really like your book, I found it fun and funky at the same time, though as I sit here and read some of it I had to laugh, because I knew the answers before I read them.
I really like the pictures that you took, makes me want and need to do the same type of thing..you know how I love to surround myself with beautiful things and those pictures of the flowers are gorgous.
Maybe on break from school, you and I can take a day and go picture taking, because i would get to A) spend time with you and B) spend time taking beautiful pictures, what more could I want.

Continue with what your doing..its wonderful to see you exploring and learning


Yvonne said...

Morning again,
Have just set up my cite,lets see how this works