Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh boy is this month flying by. We've been fairly busy around here. I've been taking shots of miss C, Wyatt and Rob got to go on a train ride, I took a scrappin class, Kelly is back with Daisy scouts. I went with Kel on a class field trip. We (whole family)went and cheered my friend Julie on as she ran 10 miles for the Get Moving Tucson run/walk. Had a great dinner with other friends from church. Celebrated my friend Karens b-day by making bracelets at beads of courage, that was inspiring. It just seems that time is flying. But we are having fun.
Went with the kids and picked out Halloween costumes, they are going to be so adorable. Braxton had to be emergency rushed to the vet. somehow the dog dislocated his back leg knee caps. He is doing great now and we are not even sure how it happened.

Please excuse the bad shot. I had forgotten to take it off night mode, from Wyatt's train ride when I took this shot of Julie.

Way to go Jules! I'm proud of you.

I am still working on my Artist's Way classes and I have been staying off the computer so that I can focus on my creativity. Of course now that we are also getting rid of cable I should be even more productive. At least I hope so.
So that is life in a nut shell this second. I will try to compose something better when I'm not bouncing a baby on my knee. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kiddo,

Glad to see the new update, your right..this month has flown. Sometimes I would like to be able to activate a stop button and just hold for a day or two, but of course we can't do that, but time seems to be flying. In two weeks we will be doing our MS walk and after that is Thanksgiving and then Christmas...WOW.

So question? as you look back over this year, what milestones have you traversed, what do you see that you want to change and what things are you content with?

I know...crazy, but alot has happened this year, and continues, so again I ask...