Thursday, October 30, 2008

So every picture taken at the pumpkin patch is a little blurry, what's up with that?
Kelly has ring around the mouth, chapped lip style, and Chelsea got some of her shots that day. All of us are having allergy issues except Chelsea, so we are not the most fun loving people to be around. We sound awful but feel okay.
I got a backdrop stand from ebay that arrived today. I can't wait to have enough patience to really try it out. I don't have it fully extended but it is a 10'x12'. Now I need to slowly buy muslin backdrops to use with it. hehe.

Yeah, Braxton was real thrilled to pose for me. Course a few minutes later the dog was laid out asleep on the fabric.
I'm working on a layout idea that showcases both presidential candidates and how this election has changed our country and that no matter what history is about to be made.
This is the story for our grandchildren, this is what scrapbooks are about.
How many times have we heard from our g-parents about WWII or living through the Great Depression? Vietnam?
Yes, everyday is important, but I think we are missing some points. We not only need to document everyday life but what's making history around us and how its effecting us.
Off my soap box.

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Anonymous said...

This has truly been a momentous election this time..we have seen a new direction in our country. We have seen a woman(Hilary) run for the candidacy, lose. But then to have a black man run is history in the making. There are so many rumors out there, are they true, let's hope not, and pray that our country can come together and bring our nation back to the country it can be...the best.