Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So our Saturday was fairly busy. The munchkin turned 3 months and we took the required bear picture and the bigger rug rat had her sixth birthday. I still remember the day she was born, which is a good thing because I seem to be forgetting everything else.

Picture #2 the party table. Just before the party started I went out to the dollar store to see what Pooh stuff I could find. I picked up glow wands, pooh color pencils, mini m&ms, and tigger and pooh pez dispensers. I then went to the other dollar store and scored by finding My friends tigger and pooh super sleuths coloring books. So I threw these all into goody bags for all for kids. I was so happy to find the coloring books because they matched the theme of the party. See because there isn't much out there yet I went to the Playhouse Disney website and downloaded placemats and such to help out.

As we were waiting for the cousins to arrive I dragged the kids kicking and screaming (not even close) to the backyard for some pictures.

Picture #3- Wyatt being Wyatt.

Picture #4- the birthday girl herself- Gave me some great shots and had some fun with the camera. Was uber excited and drove us crazy with the, are they here yets??

Picture #5- Chels- smiling and cooing so much lately. A fairly happy baby until bed time and then lots of fighting sleepy time. She is almost sleeping through the night. Holds her head up very well. Love making her smile.

Finished my mini album that I made about myself. I might post pictures later.
Now I saw a cute idea about a pumpkin album that I might give a try.
I'm still working on the Artist's Way tasks and morning pages. Doing pretty good about letting my creativity out and not spending so much wasteful time on the computer.
Also Kelly has been invited to a new Daisy scouts troop. I am soooo excited because I know the leader and she is fantastic. We are going to learn so much and have a blast. Our next meeting is Monday the 6th.
So I'm off, Wyatt the terror has made a mess while I've been typing. How he does it so quietly with me right beside him is a mystery.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh Daughter,

Your not getting's just that you have soooo much going on that it is hard to keep track of everything.
I really had alot of fun at the birthday party, Kelly is getting to be so grown up, and it seems just yesterday that she was a wee little one...lordy be how the time flies.
I really like that last picture of Chelsea, let's see about getting copies for everyone, I know I don'e have any of her yet, I know it's partly my fault, but right now I just can't take on Sears. ANd besides I have a very talented daughter who takes wonderful pictures..when the subjects are cooperative. HAHAHA

Love to all