Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Today one of these two men will be named our next President.
To be truthful, I'm very nervous. Someone wrote that they feel we are at an amazing point in our history and she feels amazed to be a part of it. In that I totally agree. That is why I have pushed to scrapbook my thoughts about this election.
Today either the first black man will be named President or we will have the first woman Vice President.
But back to why I am nervous. My nervousness is based on many things: One, on certain people in this country who will stop at nothing to kill a person because of his race(if he wins). Two, national security, terrorism and.. war. Three, this depression we are in now and what the future holds.
As a voter I'm tired of all the mudslinging, give me accurate facts when you accuse the other candidate and give me what you stand for and let me decide.
The news showed this morning that these two men have been campaigning for almost 2 years. That is insane. Do you realize that by this Presidents second year he would have to start campaigning all over just to be renominated for his party? Wow.
No matter what, we are on the brink. Another page in history is about to be written.
What do you have to say?
Let your voice be heard for future generations.

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Anonymous said...

Voted today, nervous, I have butterflys and the feeling that at this moment in time we are at a crossroads. I voted for Barack, I'm not sorry. I feel that with McCain choosing Palin it was a lost cause. So I put my faith in our new president and will pray that our government, whether Republican or Democrat can work together to bring our country back to where it should be. The future is yet to be written...may the men and women who help control this wonderful country stay strong and remember that alot of people depend on them.