Monday, November 03, 2008

Three little monkey's all dressed up, to fill there bags with candy and later puke it up.
Bad rhyme, I know and no, no one got sick. All candy has been in moderation except for mommy's consumption. Damn fun sized Snickers bars.
I'm thinking of having the kids dress up again so that I can get better pictures. Don't judge me( :) ), they happen to like their costumes. Last year both kids would put on their outfits just for the heck of it.

We had a good haul and the kids did real well. Kelly's elegant witch costume seemed to get bigger as the night wore on but she liked it.

Wyatt as Mr. Incredible was a trip and do ya know he wore that mask ALL night long.
Chelsea was a cute little cat. She did just the best, she loves going for walks in the stroller and was game to go along with no complaints.
We have been slacking the last few years, we usually have decorations up weeks in advance but the last couple of years we seem to get all the work done in one night and I must say it's not our best. Hopefully next year we can get back on track.
That is me holding Chelsea, I was trying for my version of Jason. I can't even watch those movies anymore.
Mom was done as her usual witch and all the kids seem to like it. Unfortunately Mom had a paper that had to be done that night so she couldn't hang for long, but I hope she had fun
Friday morning I had to take Chelsea back to the doctor to get a shot and while we were there the older kids got their flu shots, now Rob and I have to get ours. We all hate shots. The older two didn't know they were getting shots so it wasn't lots of carring on.
Chelsea is weighing in at 13lbs and 4 ozs and 24 inches long. Right in the middle of the growth chart for her age at 4 months. Chels is already teething and I'm about to start her on cereal any day now.
I plan on taking her monthly bear picture in the next couple of days.
Well, tomorrow is the big day, finally. I am so ready for this election to be over. Good luck to both candidates. I do feel sorry for Obama though, his grandmother passing away the night before the election. It will be bittersweet if he wins, and his grandmother didn't live to see it. I'm sure either way,win or lose, she was very proud of him.
I better get going, I want to watch the SNL presidential bash tonight and I printed out photos of both candidates to do my scrapbook page.
Happy election day tomorrow! I wonder how President Bush feels right now?

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