Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End of 2008

It's hard to believe that this year is over. So much has happened. I didn't really realize it until the news programs started doing their year in review programs. We had a real nice Christmas day. We spent the morning opening up presents and then we headed to Grandma Ross' to open more and to have lunch. The kids were very happy with all their gifts and have barely asked to even watch any movies.
The next morning it started SNOWING!! Yes we even had snow at our house, but it didn't stick. Rob and I ditched the kids at Grandmoms and he took me up to Oracle where the snow was a few inches thick on the ground. I had a absolute blast.That is where this photo came from. I really wish now that I had taken shots of Rob cause he played my assistant and oh what an assistant he was. As I was trying to get certain shots the snow was blowing towards me. Rob came to my rescue by using our big umbrella and providing me some protection. I took tons of shots and most have even more snow in them but this is one of my favorites.
On Sunday after church we took the kids and headed up to Mt. Lemmon to play in the snow. Wyatt had never played in the snow before and did he take to it like a duck to water. As soon as his feet hit the snow he climbed up a hill and took off on a hike. We found a pristine patch that hadn't been played in and we had snow ball fights, tried to make a snowman(my skills are rusty) and Kelly and I made snow angels. Except for Rob the kids and I were wet from the snow but we had fun. The mountain was PACKED. You could barely get turned around and the sides of the road were bumper to bumper. We didn't even try to go to the top. Once again Rob became my assistant and he would pull over and wait for me as I would sometimes have to back track to get some cool pictures.
One of the coolest spots that we stopped at was nothing but a wall of ice and icicles. It was soo gorgeous.

As we headed down we made stops so that I could take more shots. I plan to go up again on a slightly cloudy day to get other shots that were too hard to try that day.

By the time we came down the mountain the police had closed the road going up for safety and were still turning cars away.

So that night Sunday/Monday we had a hard freeze and the next morning I went out again to take more photos. This is a bougainvilla from my neighbors house that was so pretty with the color of the flower and the frost and the sun shining down. I got a couple of other cool shots but this is one of my faves.

On our trip to Mt.Lemmon I exceeded 10,000 pictures that I have taken with my camera! I can't believe it. I have learned so much in the time that I have had it and this year I plan to learn even more.

So Rob and I want to start this new year off right and so we have been very busy this week. Rob has finished tiling and grouting our bathroom shower. Next is to seal the grout and any caulking this weekend. I have been working on cleaning up the scraproom so that I can set up the cricut permanetley and actually be productive this year. Also we took down the tree and all the decorations today. I swept, mopped and my living room has returned to normal.

We are starting the year clean and fresh. I will not be making any resolutions so to speak but a promise to myself. To be happy, and to work on making myself the person I want to be.

May this coming year be all that you want it to be.

Happy New Year, with love C

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From our home to yours we wish you a very lovely Merry Christmas.

(One of many awful attempts for a xmas card photo)

Monday, December 15, 2008

So I'm screaming mad. So mad I could kick or beat up someone.
Last month I signed up Wyatt for the busy bodies preschool at Clements Center Tucson Parks and Rec. It used to be you only signed one month at a time and when I signed Wyatt up only January was available. I went on tonight and the F**king preschool classes are filled to the end of MAY!! Wyatt is only going to get to go one month. I'm so damn mad. I have no idea when they opened up the rest of the spring sessions, and to sign up for all the spring classes would have cost me $270. Monthly payments I could handle but not all at once.
Now I won't get to see Wyatt in his little cap and gown like Kelly. He won't be getting to experience some of the fun that Kelly did. After his month is up Wyatt will be asking me everyday when can he go to school. This just sucks. And worse is there isn't a damn thing I can do.
Just trying to keep up is right.
I constantly feel a day late and a dollar short.
I just want to yell at someone.
In Febuary I want to show up and make them take him. (I won't but it's a thought)
Sad part is they only have 20 openings(10 per class) between the Mon-Wed + Tues-Thurs classes. And I know some of those kids go to both sessions. I'm just venting now but I am calming down. I'm half tempted to call and find out when the opened the rest of the spring sessions.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here it is in all it's glory!
Chelsea @ 5 months. She smiled, she sat nicely with Mr. Bear, she's adorable, she's all mine.
At five months we are consistently sleeping through the night. We have started baby food and will enjoy applesause, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash and bananas. Doing very well in the eating department. Growing like a weed. Chelsea is starting to outgrow some of her 3-6 month clothes. Chelsea loves to laugh at anything Kelly does to amuse her but Chelsea really just wants people to be around her.

So last night Inez came over for dinner. As she was leaving she made a comment to Kelly that Grandmom would sure like it if Kelly, Wyatt and Chelsea would be good for mama and let mommy take a Christmas picture of them. So I decided to attempt again. We didn't even get one shot off before Rob sat down and said, "set your timer". makeup, my hair had been up. Rob said he didn't care let's just get this shot done. ;]
So we turned it into a game and this is our most clear shot. So I uploaded to Wally world and should be able to pick up our cards today.
One thing to check off the list.
Now that Chelsea is down for her morning nap I'm gonna go clean up Wyatt room (and maybe get rid of some toys). he he he.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

So I took Chelsea's five month photo the other day and I decided to do it in RAW. Well when I saved it I saved it as a Tiff file. Blogger doesn't recognize tiff files and now I'm having a hard time changing it to a jpeg. So I can't upload any photos yet. I will figure this out.
Otherwise it's the typical holiday season, so much to do and so little time. I sometimes just want to hole up in the house and be a hermit.
I'm struggling on getting a christmas photo of the kids to do our christmas cards. Tried yesterday and it was a disaster with me in tears and ready to beat my children. All the complaining and they won't even look in my general direction. I just got sick of it. I'm going to try and do each child individually and then make a card.
So I'm sorry that this post has no pictures I'll try to get some ready later.