Monday, December 15, 2008

So I'm screaming mad. So mad I could kick or beat up someone.
Last month I signed up Wyatt for the busy bodies preschool at Clements Center Tucson Parks and Rec. It used to be you only signed one month at a time and when I signed Wyatt up only January was available. I went on tonight and the F**king preschool classes are filled to the end of MAY!! Wyatt is only going to get to go one month. I'm so damn mad. I have no idea when they opened up the rest of the spring sessions, and to sign up for all the spring classes would have cost me $270. Monthly payments I could handle but not all at once.
Now I won't get to see Wyatt in his little cap and gown like Kelly. He won't be getting to experience some of the fun that Kelly did. After his month is up Wyatt will be asking me everyday when can he go to school. This just sucks. And worse is there isn't a damn thing I can do.
Just trying to keep up is right.
I constantly feel a day late and a dollar short.
I just want to yell at someone.
In Febuary I want to show up and make them take him. (I won't but it's a thought)
Sad part is they only have 20 openings(10 per class) between the Mon-Wed + Tues-Thurs classes. And I know some of those kids go to both sessions. I'm just venting now but I am calming down. I'm half tempted to call and find out when the opened the rest of the spring sessions.

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