Saturday, January 03, 2009

First of all,
Happy Birthday Mikey! If my calculations are correct you are 31 this year. BWAAAAA. I just realized that I have no current pictures of Mikey. Add that to my list.
I have been scouring the interent for more ideas of pictures to take. I have also been working on making my calender. Now I did take a picture yesterday but I haven't uploaded it yet. Rob and I were at Home Depot and I saw this vibrant purple ice plant. I have been thinking of redoing our garden and this would be fantastic. Of course in redoing the garden I first have to dig out all the grass and reset it all up. That project has been in the back of my head last month. It's not really the hard work that I keep putting off, it's the constant interruptions I get from my children. Love them though I do, I hate getting into a groove and having to stop for feeding, and crying/I'm bored jags.
But there are so many beautiful flowers I would love to look at every day, that maybe starting this week I will break it down into bite size pieces and start working on it. Now this it not a resolution, don't go there, this is just a task. Maybe I'll take pictures as I go, IF I do it.
enjoy your weekend!

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