Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I have always wanted to wear funky socks but they usually didn't come in my bigfoot size.

It all started with Kelly wanting this one pair of socks a couple of years ago and the obsession has taken over. Most of the time the socks are striped, polka-dotted, flowers, anything. But today it is Disney characters.

Now Wyatt is my whitey-tighty boy, but for X-Mas he received Lightning McQueen and Mater socks. So when I was at Target this morning they had finished their Dollar Spot setup and I found some cute new socks for ALL the kids.

Wyatt received Buzz and Mr. Incredible, Kelly got red pom, multi colored hearts, and purple and white with multi colored polka dots. Chelsea received two different multi colored striped socks.

So my picture of the day is all about our crazy socks and Mommy's secret wish that she could wear them too.


Anonymous said...

Everybody loves crazy socks! Especially if they fit your feet!! Sorry they don't fit you, I still have a pair of Nat's, they look like witches' socks, orange and white striped.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad Carrie, they never had such cool things when I was growing up...and besides mom would have never indulged me in buying them.
I like all of the cool tyes that they have and the different characters that are available.