Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's almost done!!!! Tonight Rob will put in the shower head and lever and for the most part (we still need a medicine cabinet and light fixture) the bathroom is complete. It is a full sized bath but the room is so small I can't get a wide view. In a month or so we will get the last two fixtures but to be able to take a shower again in MY bath is freakin fantastic. I haven't been able to use this shower since June 2007! Right before I left for Paris. Yeah how's them apples?

Picture from last night of Chelsea and Kelly. Chelsea is getting teeth and Kelly is about to lose one of her top teeth at any time. Love my cantankerous girls.

How is it in one evening my living room and kitchen can get destroyed? I have been trying hard to keep things picked up but yeesh. I'm going to reestablish some order before I pick up Wyatt from Busy Bodies.

Chelsea has figured out that a walker can actually move forward. Now I just need to clear a path for her to get around.

I have added another project for myself to work on. I'm working on project 365 and an online 12 week photo course and my new project is the 2peas weekly photo challenge. This week is texture so I uplaoded a couple of frost photos from a couple of weeks ago.

I'm going to do my best NOT to fall off the wagon but I really need to take some time out and convert all my RAW photos. There are more pictures I would post but I'm usually in a hurry and only get out the important ones.

So off to clean for 40 minutes before I get Wyatt.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, the bathroom looks fantastic!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get an up close and personal look, I mean I saw it a few weeks ago, but it looks even better now.

Kelly is bing such a big sister, it cracks me up, and she seems to enjoy spending time with Chelsea. Just wait until the sisters gang up on poor Wyatt....