Thursday, January 01, 2009

A new day, a new year.
It feels promising. A bunch of scrappers are starting a Project 365. How this works is that you take a picture a day. A picture of whatever you want. Well I'm not going to buy their kit, I'm going to do my own project. My goal is to be a better photographer. so I've been making a list of photos that I want to take throughout the year and also doing a photo idea calender where I list photos I want to take each month. For example on the calender I would take Mothers day. ideas would be to take a picture of mom, any flowers, a hug, whatever makes that holiday come alive. For my everyday shots that would include taking pictures of our street, a wreath on a door, my computer, doing the dishes etc. Got the idea?
My first photo is of my new TV with my favorite program, Good Morning America, with the news ticker documenting it's new years day. I have started a new folder labeled project 365 in my My Pictures folder.

Last night Rob set up the jumperoo. Chelsea was content in that for a bit as big bro and sis kept setting off the lights and music and making it bounce. Why is it that big kids like to play with little kids toys??
So I'm late as usual in posting Chelsea's monthly Mr.Bear photo. Those two are getting along better these days but if Mr. Bear gets to pushy Chelsea will not hesitate to shove him off the couch.

Chelsea has beautiful blue eyes. with an inner ring of light blue and an outer ring of dark blue, but I'm finding it very hard to get a shot highlighting those eyes. I tried for awhile to capture them but they come out dark. I should take her outside.

At six months sleeps later than my other kids. This morning she awoke at 6:30a, I picked her up and she went right back to sleep, so I laid her in my bed with Rob where she didn't wake up until 8am.

Is eating very well, and enjoys watered down pear juice. Wants to sit up and almost rolls over but doesn't try very hard. Chelsea really wants to follow her brother and sister. Loves playing in the bathtub, like to be swung like a pendulum (shake off the baby), we have done this with all our kids. Chels is laughing and smiling more. She is starting to recognize her name when called. Loves Braxton our dog.

So as not to exclude my other heathens I'm compiling a list of funny things they have been saying lately. Wyatt's favorite thing to do is mimicking or repeating commercials. Right now whenever a Christmas commercial comes on he turns to us to say Christmas is over. He can do this several times in a hour. Kelly lately keeps saying that she never gets, or never has had something like eggs or chicken. She says this instead of saying its been a long time. I've started telling her to take the word never from her vocabulary.

Again Happy New Year.

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Anonymous said...

As you can tell...I'm way behind in catching up with your blogs. You shocked me when I found out that you had blogged every day, so now it is time I play catch up.

My darling Chelsea has such pretty blue eyes, sounds crazy but I could look at those eyes for a very long time. It cracks me up on just how excited she gets around Braxton(dog) and she also loves her big sister Kelly. Chelsea doesn't react too much around Wyatt, but that could be because he doesn't play with her. She does watch him when he gets loud...she will follow him with her eyes, and I just know what she's doing..she's watching him..preparing for when she is able to get around...then she can do the very things that he does...yep, thats what she's getting prepared to do, you just watch.

Am off to work, tried to pay for my classes and I couldn't get into Pima, will see if one of my customers will let me use their computer for a few minutes.

Have a good day everone