Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Several years ago I saw a picture that Kim's grandpa took of the tv when the peace deal was made in Israel. It was the two leaders shaking hands. So lately I've been giving it a try.
I spent most of yesterday glued to the tv. I remember some of the pomp from Clinton and Bush's inaugurations but not all of it.
It was a proud day for America, it is a step forward into our future. This is a man that has inspired millions and I wonder in 40 years what history will write about President Obama. It's obvious he is a great orator, but will he get the hard job done. Will the people of America step up? Will we the people change our ways for the greater good?
Yes it remains to be seen what he will accomplish, but I hope this is the start of something great for all our sakes.
Let's see, I need to back track a bit.
First off..Way to go Cardinals!!! We are on our way to the Superbowl! Rob and I were hoping we would play the Ravens because Robs brother Chuck is from Baltimore but the Ravens couldn't hold up so now we play the Steelers. I am very excited about seeing the Superbowl this year.
Starting Saturday all three kids have gotten snotty noses. Chelsea is by far the worst and the most miserable baby. It has been a rough few days. I hate seeing my normaly happy baby crying and whiney.
In between naps I have been working on my Random Acts of Kindness cards. So far I have completed 10 out of 40. I started this project early enough that I am not stressed about getting them done. I do need to talk with my Pastor about presenting them to our congregation, he asked me to make an appointment to give better details. I need to do this today.
Actually I have had the computer off for the last two days and it feels weird, sort of disconnected and not being accountable for my 365 photos. I also need to get my weekly challenge done and check out lesson 3 of my 12 week photo lessons. Shoot, It's Wednesday I need to get crackin'.


Anonymous said...

Wow Carrie, there is a lot here for this blog.
First, whether you are republican or democrat, we all need to pull together. It is not a time for any petty differences, this country is on the brink of diaster, and I for one have great hopes for this nation. So please, let's support our new president and send him our prayers.
Now, I stopped by Carrie's this morning, and I have to tell all of you how impressed I was on her Random acts of Kindness cards. Carrie has put alot of time and thought into these, and they are truly great.
She is also still getting Kelly's valentine boxes done, which if you missed the blog are really cute. I think these will be a big hit with the kids and make the mom's just a little green.
So to all near and far...have wonderful week, stay safe


Anonymous said...

Hey woman~
Hope all is well. I just returned home from another stay at the hospital, with tons of unanswered questions. I got an e-mail about Kelly selling cookies, I wish her luck, but I don't think that I can order any, unless you all plan on delivering them. lol Well get a hold of me soon, so I can fill you in.