Monday, January 12, 2009

So almost every Sunday, on our way to chrch we pass this spot where the cows come to feed. Some days the are around, some days they have headed back into their desert pasture. Ol' Red here was giving me some serious attitude. He kept sticking his tongue out at me. Then he would diss me by looking away. Uh..hello, I'm taking your picture, look my way. I truly wished I could have stayed longer, I wanted to get some nicer shots but we were already late for church. The fault for that is mine alone. I asked Rob to pull over twice. Once for a roadrunner sitting on a rock, and second time to get a hawk on a telephone pole. It wasn't till after the hawk flew away I realize that I didn't put my memory card back in my camera. Thankfully I keep my extras in my bag otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get this big guy.

He is really hard to see and Rob was the one who saw it and pulled over. I had to run across the street to get even near him. I wish I had the time to pull out the tripod cause he never moved, he was still sitting there when we came home from church. And yes he is real, his head moved a couple of times.
This is from tonight. Just hanging around after dinner. Having fun just taking normal, everyday shots of my family.
Kelly is selling Girl Scout cookies so if anybody wants any, yes I can ship, just give me a holler.
Kelly is really enjoying her troop. She runs to her class when we arrive, she does her work granted she doesn't participate in all the songs but she enjoys watching.
I come home from scouts and Chelsea is sitting in her high chair, without falling over, and Rob showed me where Wyatt started writing "F"'s. I think that boy is sandbagging me. I truly do.
Dang kids are growing up way too fast.

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Anonymous said...

I had a hard time spotting that hawk, and at first I thought you was playing a trick on me, but then he moved...he is a big brute.

Want to thank you for helping me yesterday...Carrie took the afternoon to help me move furniture over at Marie's, but even more it was fun to just be with my daughter...I don't get to do that very thanks again.
Oh and guess what...I just got in my cartridges for my cricut...I was so stoked that I had to call Carrie and tell her, they haven't shipped my cricut yet, but I'm waiting.I have already bought my tools, and cutting pads and as I write this I'm smiling :) because I'm so excited...I just love toys!!!!