Friday, January 16, 2009

So my photo for Thursday is our homegroup. since it is such a part of my life I thought I would show you our little group. We meet every Thursday from 6:30 to about 8-8:30. We talk about our troubles, or walks with God, the good, the funny. We need to work at sharing more and going deeper into what is the root of our problems but we are getting closer.
I haven't taken a photo yet today but I did do my homework for my 12 week photo course.
I'm half way done with all the little V-day gift bags for Kelly's class. I know I will post a photo when they are all done.

So I'm going to have one of "those" boys. The ones who don't listen to their teachers, that are running around and whopping it up. Yep that's my boy. I got to his class Wednesday and I get the line," we need to talk to you before you leave". Dread hit fast and I wondered what Wyatt had done this time. It seems he wouldn't settle down at snack time, he wanted to go outside, he didn't like the snack. when they said no to his going outside he pushed his teacher and told them to let him go outside. So when it was time to go out they wouldn't let him go until he apologized which he did. For this disobedience he wasn't allowed to watch any t.v., no Yohoo's or friut snacks. We had several talks and reminders throughout the day about doing what you are told etc. when we picked up Kelly he tells her that I'm mad at him. He just doesn't fully get it. I keep hearing from both of them that I am mad at them when I'm not, they just aren't listening to anything I say, so when I get ignored they lose a priviledge. Reality discipline you gotta love it.
Hoping to have a productive weekend, I hope yours is lovely. I'll edit later with Fridays picture.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Wyatt, growing up can sometimes be i say that with respect, but you all have to admit that it's hard trying to remember ALL that have a say on how you act, first there is mom and dad, then grandparents, sisters, church adults and lets not forget ANY adult...remember that saying "respect your elders" I grew up with that one, only I found out that most of my elders had no respect for me. So, the little guy is having to learn that most people bigger than him have to be respected and listened to...hard sometimes when you are Wyatt, who (bless his heart) has a tendency to tune people out. So keep talking to him, sooner or later he'll get the general idea. hoefully before he turns 18. :)

I like the picture of the homegroup, with me not being in one I really feel out of the loop sometimes. Someitmes, and I do mean sometimes I think about the people who have come and gone with the group, and if they are not in our lives now, I wonder where and how they are doing. Life never ceases and continues to change, sometimes in directions we don't understand and never will.
TO all have a wonderful weekend..we here in AZ are having temps in the mid 70's, so tough!!!!