Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well we have had a VERY interesting day today. It started great friends Renee and her daughter Kiah came over for a lunch play date and the kids had a blast. Shortly after that I noticed hair on Kelly's shirt. Little Miss took sissors to her hair. Thankfully she didn't do a horrible job but it is bad enough that we had to do something about it.

Say Hello to the new Kelly. We are calling the Dora the Explorer haircut. Hopefully now she can learn to brush her own hair.
While we were at the salon I also got a trim and while I was sitting there she managed to do this.....

The tooth has finally come out. It was rather gross because she could actually twist it around and this had all us ladies at the salon talking about our childhood tooth experiences.
It looks like the tooth fairy will be swinging by tonight.

Which leads me to Grandmoms visit this afternoon. Seems g-mom was shopping at Kmart and found something that Wyatt would like...

Cowboy boots. He has been walking around like this all afternoon, he even took his nap wearing them. Earlier he had on his Woody hat and kept asking if he could go to cowboy camp, which he said was Mt. Lemmon. We shall see if he tries to sleep in them tonight.
Another funny thing, Braxton the dog has learned how to open our screen door. So when I want him out and he doesn't agree, he shoves his snout against the door and drags it open. At one point I had to re-close the door like five times. Stinker, love him anyway.
I can only imagine what the rest of the weekend holds for us if this is just Saturday and we've had this much fun.

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