Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Morning.

One of these days I'm going to get out early and get a good sunrise shot. This one was me standing on the back of the truck to see over the houses. I think we have beautiful sunrises and sunsets here in Tucson.

It was a busy weekend for the Ross family, it's nice to be able to relax today. The house is clean and most everything is put away so I'm just chillin on the 'puter with no guilty feelings.

My Rob... the other night we danced in the living room and he lip-synced a song to me.

Valentines day was very low key, we went shopping for bathroom towels and had fried chicken with his mom and the kids.

I was playing with having my flash head facing the opposite way of the person. I think this is more natural looking.

Shortly after dinner Miss Kelly...

Lost her second front tooth. Thank goodness for that. The tooth looked so nasty hanging all lopsided. She looked like a hick. Now she is back to semi- cute kid.

Our screen saver is random photos that have been taken over the last four years and man do I miss Kel's long hair and I really miss the curls that she used to have.

Friday night Kelly had a classmates birthday party at Build a Bear. It was going to be just me and her but Rob didn't want to sit at the house so the whole family went. We did dinner and then Kelly and I split. A while later the boys and baby showed up. Wyatt asked if he could have a bear. Well since he never plays with the last one I said to Rob why don't you take him to Disney store and see if they have a stuffed Wall*e(which he has been asking for since right after Christmas). The store was having a b1get1 sale and Rob found the last stuffed Wall*e they had and in choosing his freebe he spied this Woody and that was that. He has been carrying both toys around all weekend and sleeping with them. I think we made a wise investment.
Kelly made a bunny this time at the party and she undresses it at night and redresses it in the morning. Oh yeah and the bunny's name is Kenya. What an imagination.
No stuffed anything for Miss C. nope she got some new pj's from Old Navy. very cute.
Happy Monday

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Holy cow! I did NOT realize that it has been so long since I last posted.
Be prepared this post has lots of photos.
This of course is our finished product for Kelly's class today. Granted I did most of the work but Kelly stamped the from and wrote her name plus put her classmates name on the back. Her and Wyatt took turns putting the candy in. In class today her teacher is giving each kid a brown paper bag that they can decorate. All Mrs. Watt had was markers so Kelly and I used the Cricut to cut out tons of hearts to be glued on the bags.

Mom Ross came over for lunch yesterday and she got Chelsea to giggle over this stuffed puppy. Chelsea has been hell on wheels lately. She is driving us completely nuts. Wants to be held ALL the darn time, otherwise she screams her head off. Less than two weeks ago if I turned on the vacuum she would laugh now she cries. Thankfully we are starting to see a tooth pop through. I can't take a picture because A) Chels moves too much B) it's just a tiny speck.

Here are the Mr. Bear photos. Look at those blue eyes! I finally got them! I learned that my flash can actually face backward, who knew? Now I'm playing with it more to get more flattering results. It's been hard to get the midget in a good mood and even when I did this I could barely get a smile of of her. I did happily get a picture of her and Wyatt together. That boy is getting some long legs(finally), and is looking so grown up next to his baby sister.

The official 7month Mr. Bear photo.
I have seen such cute, adorable, eat you up clothes in the stores lately for little girls. I wish money was no problem because this little girl would be stylin'. She is just too dang cute and should dress as such.

This last Sunday I took my 40 simple hand made cards to church and stood before the congregation and told them about Random Acts of Kindness week. After I was finished several people came up to me and told me RAK things they like to do, some thanked me and everyone raved over the cards. By the end of service all 40 were gone. I'm touched, I was so not expecting that all of them would go. I'm thinking that I will make a few here and there and take them in to give away.
One of the cards I sent out last fall the receipent came up to me and said she received a card similar to my style and that it made her day and is still sitting on her dresser. She said I don't know if you had anything to do with it but I think it was cool. Oh my gosh. the card is still sitting on her dresser?! I just wanted to make her smile and I believe I did way more than that. YAY GOD!!
If you do something pure of heart God will see and use it. Whoo hoo.

Here are my finished v-day cards. Did I post this already? I'm sad to say that I have not mailed any of these out. Who knows, maybe I'll send them out randomly throughout the year. I think that would mean more anyway.

For my last photo I went out this past weekend (can't remember which evening and took this photo. I was hoping for one of our more colorful sunsets but the clouds just weren't there.
I need to crop this but I did something in photoshop and I can't get what I want. so in all it's original glory here it is.
Gotta go can't take the screaming and fussing any longer and she is sitting on my lap. aaaarrrrgh.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I swear, I have been busy!! I forgot to get a photo of the cards that Julie and I made Saturday, so that will wait till tomorrow.
We went to a Superbowl party Sunday and I caught this reaction from our group when I thought we were about to score a touchdown. How priceless.

Last night was Girl Scouts. Kelly received several patches and once I get them ironed on I'll take a new picture to show everyone. Kelly is so happy with going to Scouts now and I like seeing her excited about going and the activities that she gets to do.
So my wonderful Mom, and no I'm not sucking up, purchased the two Disney princess cartridges for me and I picked them up Saturday afternoon. I got to play a bit last night and after some frustration I completed the first four princesses from the cart Dreams Come True. When I started to struggle I decided to do just a head. Ariel is one of Kelly's fav's and I'll have to take a pic and show you all tomorrow.
Saturday was Rob's birthday and the only pictures that were taken were with his cell phone. Saturday was a very busy day for us. First I had my card class with Julie, then swung by Joann's to pick up the carts. We then went to see Paul Blart Mall Cop, cute movie and then we went to Black Angus for dinner.
Sunday was church and meetings and then the bowl. I left home before 9am and didn't get home until 9pm.
Monday was laundry, playing with the Cricut, tending to fussy kids, scouts, make five cards,dinner, more cricut.
Today (tuesday), finish laundry, finish princesses, make dinner, finishing touches on the five cards and watch Biggest Loser.
I think tomorrow I can relax. No wait, I need to put the touches on the handout I'm taking to church on Sunday for Random Acts of Kindness week. I need to make just a few more cards and also the next four princesses, Cinderella, Aurora, Mulan and Snow White.
Hey, I'm being very creative.