Friday, April 24, 2009

I have forgotten to show Chelsea's 9 month photo.
After a nasty cold Chelsea is once again sleeping through the night. Amen! Hallelujah!
She has four teeth, has tasted mashed potatoes, ice cream, garlic bread, cheerios,
Chelsea is standing up, shakily at best, but would rather stand than sit. Still says Mama.
Can cruise pretty well in her walker when she wants to. Still likes the swing in the morning.
Chelsea has discovered the TV. Hard not to when it is so big. Example; Wyatt walks in front of the TV when an ad with music plays. The kid will lean over to try and see around Wyatt. The obsession begins.
I know there is more so I will update this later.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I went a little wild with my Cricut Wild Cards cartridge. None of these will be given out I just made these to see how large they come and what they would look like. I have lots of the two color side cardstock from Costco that I was given.
The trick is to make the envelope first and then the card, as I made each envelope I wrote on it how large I could go. I believe for some of the cards you could actually do the card and envelope on the same paper.
This is just a handful of the cards you can make. I have written out cards that I would like to really make and the steps to create that card int the colors and extra touches that I would like.

Last night was Kelly's last troop meeting for the summer. This fall she will join a new troop and bridge to Brownies. I'm told that leader is super fun and that Kelly will have a blast.

The meeting was filled with making butterflies, writing a courageous and strong list and decorating cookies!

I really wish I could read her mind so that I could understand her better. Yes I could ask her, and I do, but she gets frustrated with me so fast that I don't push because it makes everything worse.
Just another thing we will muddle through on.

On Sunday before and after church I walked around taking photos. The cactus were blooming everywhere and I was on a hunt. Rob is very cool about it too. We have worked out that if I say pull over or go back he will. One point Sunday he was following me as I walked down the side of Houghton Rd.
This photo was taken in a neighbors yard, I love pink cactus flowers.

This was taken out in Rita ranch, I was circling this group of cactus trying different angles when I heard a rustle. I jumped and squealed. I got spooked by a darn bunny.
Rob was laughing at me when he saw the bunny dart out and into a clump of bushes

This pretty hibiscus was taken at the school where our church meets. On all the grounds this is the only hibiscus plant. I think a teacher planted it.

That's the update for the week so far.
The kids' slide came yesterday and Rob is also going to get our cooler running tonight. It's going to be 96 degrees today. Crap, give me back the 70's

Happy Tuesday
Biggest Loser night!

Friday, April 17, 2009

It could have been a lot worse and I'm so thankful it wasn't.
My mother-in-law takes Kelly to school almost every day. Yesterday they were in an accident. My worst fear. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Kelly has seatbelt rash and a small bruise and Inez has bruises and is sore today.
Inez gets the ticket for failing to yield to oncoming traffic, she says she never saw him coming. By looking at the road there are no tire marks from either car. The Durango has a broken front axle and all this side damage. This is the other car. The man driving

wasn't hurt at all, but I believe both cars are totalled
See Kelly sits in her booster seat in the front which isn't recommended but not illegal. Sitting up front allows her and grandma to talk and what not.
Anyway the emt's checked Kelly over and gave her a stuffed bear to name and hold. This bear has been her constant companion since yesterday morning. She named him Tiny.
Our plan is to go buy some more stuffed animals to give back to the station house to say thank you. Every officer at the scene was very nice and I appreciate everything that they did.

Happier news, Kelly was awarded High Honor roll at school on Wednesday. This was the group photo, I haven't rotated the others.

I also got photos of Kelly and Wyatt sitting together and of the boy Elijah that Kelly plays with.

See aren't these the ugliest eggs?
All we did was dye them, no funky decorating dye, nothing.
These eggs are no de shelled, yes peeled and ready to make egg salad. That sounds good for lunch today, and my stomach is growling.
Kiss your kids and have a good weekend.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This strap is calling my name

I really like, no I want this camera strap. Maybe I can ask Rob for it as a Mothers day present. Maybe if someone in my family is interested in getting me a birthday gift, you can go here to etsy.

You know in some ways I am pretty computer savvy and in others I'm just plain ignorant. Drives me crazy. I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out how to post a link to Natalies etsy shop. I love all her camera straps but this one has been calling my name for a couple of months. just highlight the link and it will take you to her etsy store. Who knows maybe I'll just buy it myself on of these days.

In other boring news I have succumbed to the ebay addiction again. Sad, I know. I have no will power. Why do I even bring it up on my screen?? Seriously, I hesitate on buying a camera strap, which i would use every frickin day but I can buy a cricut cartridge?? Where the heck is the logic in this??

So what did I end up ordering?? A little back story first

So I'm looking at the May/June issue of Paper Crafts Magazine. I see this cute baby card and it shows that it was made with the cricut. Okay, so i search my carts and see that I have the baby stroller but I can't find what cart makes the card. So I head to 2Peas and ask them. Well it's on this cart called Wild Cards. Come to find out and like Rob said I should have gotten this long ago if I had known how much was actually on there. So I call Rob and ask if he would be willing to stop by Joanns to see if they have it because I thought it was on sale(sale ended Sunday) Rob comes home and I start looking online for sales now knowing that I wouldn't be able to make this exact card for the baby shower and baby gift I'm giving to two people this weekend. So last resort I head to ebay.

Oh my doom, my failure. I look up wild cards and make a bid, but I'm smart(so I think :)) I have a limit to my bidding amount. I lose out on two tries. While I'm looking I see a couple carts ending soon that have low amounts. Like the Disney friends cart of characters, the cheapest I have ever found it was $30 on sale. So that is how much i would spend, well I lost out on it. no big it wasn't a necessity. The Storybook cart, every one raves about this cart well it has never gone below$40 yet. Oh forget trying to explain. The addict that I am ending up buying flat out Wild cards for $45 because I kept losing in bidding for higher than this amount. Then thinking I would be outbid but ended up winning Storybook for $40 and then I got a second chance offer for Disney friends for $25. Aw hell, Rob's cool with it all but I'm freaking. I now have over 20 carts. Not to reason it out but I've read of women who have EVERY cart out there, that's over 60 carts. I will not get to that point. I have been researching some cool projects to try and make and I'm going to ask mom if I can borrow her fiskars plates for embossing the papers for added texture.

I got the email this morning that Wild cards has shipped so maybe if I'm lucky I'll have it by Friday and make the baby card. If not I can do something else. See I'm very literal minded. I see it, like it, copy or scraplift it. I like to see how things are used before I will jump on the bandwagon.

Kelly has an awards ceremony this afternoon that I will try not to forget this time and hopefully get a couple of pictures of.

Last night was funny. We took apart Wyatts bed for his new captains bed, he is/was so excited, We start to bring in the bed from the carport, it barely fits in the door, we head down the hallway, it won't make the turn into Wyatt's room. Rob and I back it up to the living room stand it up and have to measure all the openings to make sure it fits through, barely, we drag it down the hall and squeak it through his door, now we have to lay it down. But wait, we have the ceiling fan in the way. I'm talking rubbing against, squeaking by, wiggling here and there to get his darn bed into place. Of course Wyatt really has no concept of what a captains bed really is but to him it sounds cool to him and he likes it so who cares right? I'll get a picture later.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our church's annual Easter Egg hunt. This year was cold, windy and thankfully the rain held off till the last minute. Because I took my kids out into that mess all of them now have snotty noses.

Of course a little snotty nose won't stop kids from trying to overindulge in Easter candy all weekend.

we spent Saturday evening dying eggs and making a mess, what's weird is that the dye was scraping off the eggs before they were dry.

Otherwise it was nice that Rob got to do the eggs with us this year.

On Sunday Kelly comes in our room at 6am to let us know that the easter bunny had arrived and left them presents. The big kids got nerf guns, bts & balls and cool bubble wand blowers. Later that morning we dressed up and headed for church and for lunch/dinner went to Grandmom's for an egg hunt and good food.

My munchkins.

Rob and I loved Wyatts shirt, it had skulls and swords on it, which he was so happy to wear his "pirate" shirt. Kelly looked lovely in her baby blue plaid dress. The dress that I picked out for Chelsea was a little to thin to wear so Inez picked this outfit out for Chels.

Since we all were looking good we took a quick photo before we headed back out the door.

I rotated but have not cropped it yet.

Oh wait before I forget...

Chelsea said MAMA!!!!!!!

She started saying it Thursday night while I was saying the closing prayer for our homegroup. She just kept saying it over and over. Can you just see my grin??

During this week Chelsea's top front tooth broke through and I noticed this morning that the second top tooth is barely breaking through. Also, Chelsea now wants to stand all the time, if you make her sit she cries, if you put her in her walker she cries. I think I'll almost be happy when she starts to walk. She is just so fussy all the time and I'm not sure if it is the cold or not.

Oh by the way, happy 12th anniversary to us. That's how low key we are. Rob said to me sunday morning that he could have gotten me a card. I started laughing really hard, when Rob asked what's up I told him I never even thought about a card, it's just a day.

When we recapped the story for our mom's Inez said that Rob was bad and that his dad never forgot their anniversary and always got her a card and flowers.

I think for us it's always about everyone else, the church and the egg hunt, the kids, family dinner. We both don't put our day above everything else. After typing this out I'll have to talk to Rob about how he feels and see if this is actually a problem. hmmm......

So today I have a grumpy sick baby, kids having fun playing with their new stuff and I'm just relaxing (as much as I can with said baby)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Oh what a week so far.

I really have no idea where to begin. Well I guess the fact that I'm typing this at a quarter to 5 in the morning could be a good start.

Couldn't sleep, having some asthma issues and kept coughing, then I start to think about all the stuff that I want to get done, gets my mind racing, combined with a fussy baby, I might as well get up and do something.

I took photos at Pop's wedding on Saturday, it took me till yesterday to upload them because I was afraid to find out that most of them would be blurry.

My prayers were answered and I got some really good shots. Oh Lord thank you! I have worried for weeks about doing Pop's wedding and having all those special moments blurry. All the photos are in RAW and still need to be post processed so I can't post them on here but I am very relieved.

Since I had rented that 24-105 camera lens I also did a quick photo shoot of our friends Alonzo and Julie and their daughter Aliyah before Julie went in yesterday to have her 2nd daughter by c-section. Still haven't found out how it went. but oh well. I still need to process those shots too.

Now that I have returned the lens and looked at my photos I must say that I could of liked it. Granted it's a $1200 lens but it came through for me. Would I like to own it? I would like to check out the 24-70 lens and then compare the two.

I also have pictures of the new finished play set for the kids. It is way too cool because even I can play on it but alas, they are also in RAW and I haven't had the time to process them. It's on my list though.

You know all day long the thought wanders my head to blog about this or that but then I finally get on here and all the stuff that wanders doesn't seem like really much to talk about. I can say that I do not like being this busy, I feel like I'm missing something or not giving my best at one particular thing.

Today is somewhat free for me to do whatever, I need to make signs with Mr. Cricut for the Easter egg hunt (that might get rained out) and tidy up the house just a bit for homegroup tonight. Tomorrow I'm helping Rob with his landscape job because of his arm (yeah), then we have to load up the stuff for the hunt. Saturday I will be there at the hunt for a little while then I will bring back 3 extra children at my place while their parents continue to work. Sunday of course is the big day when the bunny comes to visit and ~cough~cough~ it's our 12th anniversary on the 12th. Kelly has school off Monday so as of Tuesday I'm pretty much back to my normal boring, but I like it, routine.

I have some things I want to try out with the cricut and I'm looking forward to doing that next week and also we are moving the craproom around again. Robs drums will go back up by the window and I'll have the front half. Maybe I can try and get rid of some junk. I would like to actually be able to work at my table and right now that is a horrific joke.

Happy Easter weekend.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This is mostly scrappin' related

I will start by saying I have a wonderful hubby.

I ordered and received a box the other day with the cricut carts 50 states, and doodlecharms along with my very own Jukebox. Now when I get with the girls we will have even more fun. Also this week we stopped by Rob's old workshop, the company moved to a new building, and picked up a desk for me to use. I now have to get my room organized or at least cleaned out so I can even think about putting a desk there.

I still have a wonderful hubby because there is more.

So yesterday I tell him about a cricut cart sale for these two new carts that I would really enjoy. He says to me are you telling me you bought them or are you asking? I told him neither that mom was buying them, more on this later.

We went shopping last night at Wally world for pants for the wedding on Saturday. We are walking by electronics when I see a 13" tv with dvd. I have been telling Rob I would like this for the scraproom for 8+months. Rob says we have the money do you want to get it? Well we have already been given a 13"tv I would just need to buy a dvd player. So trying to be money smart I said no that I will just spend $30 and get a dvd player. Rob then tells me he has a wall mount for my tv. whoo hoo I love saving space.

When we arrive home I hopped on ebay and I won Lyrical letters( one of the new carts that mom got on sale)for $45.00!! Ten dollars cheaper than Mom's sale! You can't buy it that cheap anywhere. I have decided that I will borrow Mom's Life's A Beach and save myself the money. The only full cart I would still like to get is Cars for Wyatt but I will wait for a good deal.

Today I am cleaning house and waiting for two things 1) the camera lens I have rented for the wedding on Saturday and the kids' playhouse is coming today!! Sadly to say it may be a couple of weeks before we can put it together because we are sooo busy the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I'm hanging with Julie as we head to IKEA to pick up a few things. This will be the longest we have ever hung out together I hope I don't bore her or drive her crazy.

I would so love to go crazy in IKEA but I will behave myself and just pick up a few things. I wish they had one of these in Tucson I think I would be a frequent visitor. sigh.