Friday, April 24, 2009

I have forgotten to show Chelsea's 9 month photo.
After a nasty cold Chelsea is once again sleeping through the night. Amen! Hallelujah!
She has four teeth, has tasted mashed potatoes, ice cream, garlic bread, cheerios,
Chelsea is standing up, shakily at best, but would rather stand than sit. Still says Mama.
Can cruise pretty well in her walker when she wants to. Still likes the swing in the morning.
Chelsea has discovered the TV. Hard not to when it is so big. Example; Wyatt walks in front of the TV when an ad with music plays. The kid will lean over to try and see around Wyatt. The obsession begins.
I know there is more so I will update this later.


Anonymous said...

Can add to that...she says nana, but I need her to say nina, my name in exchange for grandma. She loves to blow raspberries ans will laugh when you do them with her. Her big sister, she absolutely adores, and Kelly loves teasing Chelsea.
Sometimes Chelsea will look at you, and just stare with those baby blues, looking so intense, like she is just taking everything in, and you expect her at any minute to just say something, but of course she jsut gives you the respberry and continues on....

Anonymous said...

wow...sorry about the spelling