Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This strap is calling my name

I really like, no I want this camera strap. Maybe I can ask Rob for it as a Mothers day present. Maybe if someone in my family is interested in getting me a birthday gift, you can go here to etsy.

You know in some ways I am pretty computer savvy and in others I'm just plain ignorant. Drives me crazy. I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out how to post a link to Natalies etsy shop. I love all her camera straps but this one has been calling my name for a couple of months. just highlight the link and it will take you to her etsy store. Who knows maybe I'll just buy it myself on of these days.

In other boring news I have succumbed to the ebay addiction again. Sad, I know. I have no will power. Why do I even bring it up on my screen?? Seriously, I hesitate on buying a camera strap, which i would use every frickin day but I can buy a cricut cartridge?? Where the heck is the logic in this??

So what did I end up ordering?? A little back story first

So I'm looking at the May/June issue of Paper Crafts Magazine. I see this cute baby card and it shows that it was made with the cricut. Okay, so i search my carts and see that I have the baby stroller but I can't find what cart makes the card. So I head to 2Peas and ask them. Well it's on this cart called Wild Cards. Come to find out and like Rob said I should have gotten this long ago if I had known how much was actually on there. So I call Rob and ask if he would be willing to stop by Joanns to see if they have it because I thought it was on sale(sale ended Sunday) Rob comes home and I start looking online for sales now knowing that I wouldn't be able to make this exact card for the baby shower and baby gift I'm giving to two people this weekend. So last resort I head to ebay.

Oh my doom, my failure. I look up wild cards and make a bid, but I'm smart(so I think :)) I have a limit to my bidding amount. I lose out on two tries. While I'm looking I see a couple carts ending soon that have low amounts. Like the Disney friends cart of characters, the cheapest I have ever found it was $30 on sale. So that is how much i would spend, well I lost out on it. no big it wasn't a necessity. The Storybook cart, every one raves about this cart well it has never gone below$40 yet. Oh forget trying to explain. The addict that I am ending up buying flat out Wild cards for $45 because I kept losing in bidding for higher than this amount. Then thinking I would be outbid but ended up winning Storybook for $40 and then I got a second chance offer for Disney friends for $25. Aw hell, Rob's cool with it all but I'm freaking. I now have over 20 carts. Not to reason it out but I've read of women who have EVERY cart out there, that's over 60 carts. I will not get to that point. I have been researching some cool projects to try and make and I'm going to ask mom if I can borrow her fiskars plates for embossing the papers for added texture.

I got the email this morning that Wild cards has shipped so maybe if I'm lucky I'll have it by Friday and make the baby card. If not I can do something else. See I'm very literal minded. I see it, like it, copy or scraplift it. I like to see how things are used before I will jump on the bandwagon.

Kelly has an awards ceremony this afternoon that I will try not to forget this time and hopefully get a couple of pictures of.

Last night was funny. We took apart Wyatts bed for his new captains bed, he is/was so excited, We start to bring in the bed from the carport, it barely fits in the door, we head down the hallway, it won't make the turn into Wyatt's room. Rob and I back it up to the living room stand it up and have to measure all the openings to make sure it fits through, barely, we drag it down the hall and squeak it through his door, now we have to lay it down. But wait, we have the ceiling fan in the way. I'm talking rubbing against, squeaking by, wiggling here and there to get his darn bed into place. Of course Wyatt really has no concept of what a captains bed really is but to him it sounds cool to him and he likes it so who cares right? I'll get a picture later.


Anonymous said...

Imagine that! The creator of the strap that you want is Natalie!! What a coincidence to everything else that has happened recently!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to my granddaughter...she is terrific.

Now, I will say this again....You, my daughter are sooo spoiled, but I love you :) If you want the strap, I'll get it for you for mothers day present, so let me know. Besides I think it is just too cool
Love to all

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady,
Awesome blog...would love to talk to you about it, setting one up, keeping up with it, ect.
Any way, I've seen the camera straps before, they are cool! do you like the fabric on the one in the picture you posted?? If so, Bella's has that exact fabric! I think that's what caught my eye the 1st time I saw it!