Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I went a little wild with my Cricut Wild Cards cartridge. None of these will be given out I just made these to see how large they come and what they would look like. I have lots of the two color side cardstock from Costco that I was given.
The trick is to make the envelope first and then the card, as I made each envelope I wrote on it how large I could go. I believe for some of the cards you could actually do the card and envelope on the same paper.
This is just a handful of the cards you can make. I have written out cards that I would like to really make and the steps to create that card int the colors and extra touches that I would like.

Last night was Kelly's last troop meeting for the summer. This fall she will join a new troop and bridge to Brownies. I'm told that leader is super fun and that Kelly will have a blast.

The meeting was filled with making butterflies, writing a courageous and strong list and decorating cookies!

I really wish I could read her mind so that I could understand her better. Yes I could ask her, and I do, but she gets frustrated with me so fast that I don't push because it makes everything worse.
Just another thing we will muddle through on.

On Sunday before and after church I walked around taking photos. The cactus were blooming everywhere and I was on a hunt. Rob is very cool about it too. We have worked out that if I say pull over or go back he will. One point Sunday he was following me as I walked down the side of Houghton Rd.
This photo was taken in a neighbors yard, I love pink cactus flowers.

This was taken out in Rita ranch, I was circling this group of cactus trying different angles when I heard a rustle. I jumped and squealed. I got spooked by a darn bunny.
Rob was laughing at me when he saw the bunny dart out and into a clump of bushes

This pretty hibiscus was taken at the school where our church meets. On all the grounds this is the only hibiscus plant. I think a teacher planted it.

That's the update for the week so far.
The kids' slide came yesterday and Rob is also going to get our cooler running tonight. It's going to be 96 degrees today. Crap, give me back the 70's

Happy Tuesday
Biggest Loser night!

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