Friday, April 17, 2009

It could have been a lot worse and I'm so thankful it wasn't.
My mother-in-law takes Kelly to school almost every day. Yesterday they were in an accident. My worst fear. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Kelly has seatbelt rash and a small bruise and Inez has bruises and is sore today.
Inez gets the ticket for failing to yield to oncoming traffic, she says she never saw him coming. By looking at the road there are no tire marks from either car. The Durango has a broken front axle and all this side damage. This is the other car. The man driving

wasn't hurt at all, but I believe both cars are totalled
See Kelly sits in her booster seat in the front which isn't recommended but not illegal. Sitting up front allows her and grandma to talk and what not.
Anyway the emt's checked Kelly over and gave her a stuffed bear to name and hold. This bear has been her constant companion since yesterday morning. She named him Tiny.
Our plan is to go buy some more stuffed animals to give back to the station house to say thank you. Every officer at the scene was very nice and I appreciate everything that they did.

Happier news, Kelly was awarded High Honor roll at school on Wednesday. This was the group photo, I haven't rotated the others.

I also got photos of Kelly and Wyatt sitting together and of the boy Elijah that Kelly plays with.

See aren't these the ugliest eggs?
All we did was dye them, no funky decorating dye, nothing.
These eggs are no de shelled, yes peeled and ready to make egg salad. That sounds good for lunch today, and my stomach is growling.
Kiss your kids and have a good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit that when I heard about the accident, my heart literaly stopped, my biggest fear, but I had to keep Carrie calm, postponed work and headed to the accident. Such a relif to see Inez standing on the curb with Kelly wrapped in a blanket. Poor Inez was still shaking and you could tell that she had been crying, Kelly was very Nina, no I want a kiss...nothing. This alone told me just how shook up that little girl was. But, God bless, both were ok, it could have turned out soo much worse. Thank you father.
I want to thank the emt's but also the young man who helped Inez and Kelly immediately after the accident, he is our angel.
You just never know what is going to happen, lucky for us it turned out for the good. Love each other and never be afraid to show how much you care and what they mean to you.
From my family to all of you, stay safe and know our prayers are with you.