Thursday, April 09, 2009

Oh what a week so far.

I really have no idea where to begin. Well I guess the fact that I'm typing this at a quarter to 5 in the morning could be a good start.

Couldn't sleep, having some asthma issues and kept coughing, then I start to think about all the stuff that I want to get done, gets my mind racing, combined with a fussy baby, I might as well get up and do something.

I took photos at Pop's wedding on Saturday, it took me till yesterday to upload them because I was afraid to find out that most of them would be blurry.

My prayers were answered and I got some really good shots. Oh Lord thank you! I have worried for weeks about doing Pop's wedding and having all those special moments blurry. All the photos are in RAW and still need to be post processed so I can't post them on here but I am very relieved.

Since I had rented that 24-105 camera lens I also did a quick photo shoot of our friends Alonzo and Julie and their daughter Aliyah before Julie went in yesterday to have her 2nd daughter by c-section. Still haven't found out how it went. but oh well. I still need to process those shots too.

Now that I have returned the lens and looked at my photos I must say that I could of liked it. Granted it's a $1200 lens but it came through for me. Would I like to own it? I would like to check out the 24-70 lens and then compare the two.

I also have pictures of the new finished play set for the kids. It is way too cool because even I can play on it but alas, they are also in RAW and I haven't had the time to process them. It's on my list though.

You know all day long the thought wanders my head to blog about this or that but then I finally get on here and all the stuff that wanders doesn't seem like really much to talk about. I can say that I do not like being this busy, I feel like I'm missing something or not giving my best at one particular thing.

Today is somewhat free for me to do whatever, I need to make signs with Mr. Cricut for the Easter egg hunt (that might get rained out) and tidy up the house just a bit for homegroup tonight. Tomorrow I'm helping Rob with his landscape job because of his arm (yeah), then we have to load up the stuff for the hunt. Saturday I will be there at the hunt for a little while then I will bring back 3 extra children at my place while their parents continue to work. Sunday of course is the big day when the bunny comes to visit and ~cough~cough~ it's our 12th anniversary on the 12th. Kelly has school off Monday so as of Tuesday I'm pretty much back to my normal boring, but I like it, routine.

I have some things I want to try out with the cricut and I'm looking forward to doing that next week and also we are moving the craproom around again. Robs drums will go back up by the window and I'll have the front half. Maybe I can try and get rid of some junk. I would like to actually be able to work at my table and right now that is a horrific joke.

Happy Easter weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter weekend...finally the weekend arrived. I have the easter baskets ready and I'm all set. But by the forecast it does not look good, suppose to be cold and rainy, not sure if the easter egg hunt will be a go.
Carrie, I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures, you were so nervous, but what kind of ticked me off at the wedding was the other guy taking photos...very distracting having that flash continue to go off all the time, I like your way better.
Got to go ready for the hunt.
HAPPY EASTER everyone.