Monday, April 13, 2009

Our church's annual Easter Egg hunt. This year was cold, windy and thankfully the rain held off till the last minute. Because I took my kids out into that mess all of them now have snotty noses.

Of course a little snotty nose won't stop kids from trying to overindulge in Easter candy all weekend.

we spent Saturday evening dying eggs and making a mess, what's weird is that the dye was scraping off the eggs before they were dry.

Otherwise it was nice that Rob got to do the eggs with us this year.

On Sunday Kelly comes in our room at 6am to let us know that the easter bunny had arrived and left them presents. The big kids got nerf guns, bts & balls and cool bubble wand blowers. Later that morning we dressed up and headed for church and for lunch/dinner went to Grandmom's for an egg hunt and good food.

My munchkins.

Rob and I loved Wyatts shirt, it had skulls and swords on it, which he was so happy to wear his "pirate" shirt. Kelly looked lovely in her baby blue plaid dress. The dress that I picked out for Chelsea was a little to thin to wear so Inez picked this outfit out for Chels.

Since we all were looking good we took a quick photo before we headed back out the door.

I rotated but have not cropped it yet.

Oh wait before I forget...

Chelsea said MAMA!!!!!!!

She started saying it Thursday night while I was saying the closing prayer for our homegroup. She just kept saying it over and over. Can you just see my grin??

During this week Chelsea's top front tooth broke through and I noticed this morning that the second top tooth is barely breaking through. Also, Chelsea now wants to stand all the time, if you make her sit she cries, if you put her in her walker she cries. I think I'll almost be happy when she starts to walk. She is just so fussy all the time and I'm not sure if it is the cold or not.

Oh by the way, happy 12th anniversary to us. That's how low key we are. Rob said to me sunday morning that he could have gotten me a card. I started laughing really hard, when Rob asked what's up I told him I never even thought about a card, it's just a day.

When we recapped the story for our mom's Inez said that Rob was bad and that his dad never forgot their anniversary and always got her a card and flowers.

I think for us it's always about everyone else, the church and the egg hunt, the kids, family dinner. We both don't put our day above everything else. After typing this out I'll have to talk to Rob about how he feels and see if this is actually a problem. hmmm......

So today I have a grumpy sick baby, kids having fun playing with their new stuff and I'm just relaxing (as much as I can with said baby)

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Anonymous said...

WOW, what a weekend!! The easter egg hunt was kind of a flop, of course we are all just so spoiled with the temps usually being in the high 70's to low 80's that 50+ just killed me...I have officially become a wimp, talk about being spoiled. The kids were really good, I got such a kick out of Kelly attempting to build a nest for the birds, she was trying so hard. Just think, next year Ms. Chelsea will also be in the egg hunt!
I love the picture of you all, your taking more of those and that is really great.

Love to all