Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This is mostly scrappin' related

I will start by saying I have a wonderful hubby.

I ordered and received a box the other day with the cricut carts 50 states, and doodlecharms along with my very own Jukebox. Now when I get with the girls we will have even more fun. Also this week we stopped by Rob's old workshop, the company moved to a new building, and picked up a desk for me to use. I now have to get my room organized or at least cleaned out so I can even think about putting a desk there.

I still have a wonderful hubby because there is more.

So yesterday I tell him about a cricut cart sale for these two new carts that I would really enjoy. He says to me are you telling me you bought them or are you asking? I told him neither that mom was buying them, more on this later.

We went shopping last night at Wally world for pants for the wedding on Saturday. We are walking by electronics when I see a 13" tv with dvd. I have been telling Rob I would like this for the scraproom for 8+months. Rob says we have the money do you want to get it? Well we have already been given a 13"tv I would just need to buy a dvd player. So trying to be money smart I said no that I will just spend $30 and get a dvd player. Rob then tells me he has a wall mount for my tv. whoo hoo I love saving space.

When we arrive home I hopped on ebay and I won Lyrical letters( one of the new carts that mom got on sale)for $45.00!! Ten dollars cheaper than Mom's sale! You can't buy it that cheap anywhere. I have decided that I will borrow Mom's Life's A Beach and save myself the money. The only full cart I would still like to get is Cars for Wyatt but I will wait for a good deal.

Today I am cleaning house and waiting for two things 1) the camera lens I have rented for the wedding on Saturday and the kids' playhouse is coming today!! Sadly to say it may be a couple of weeks before we can put it together because we are sooo busy the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I'm hanging with Julie as we head to IKEA to pick up a few things. This will be the longest we have ever hung out together I hope I don't bore her or drive her crazy.

I would so love to go crazy in IKEA but I will behave myself and just pick up a few things. I wish they had one of these in Tucson I think I would be a frequent visitor. sigh.

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